Should You Combine Windshield And Paint Protection Films?

Though often taken for granted, an automobile’s windshield is amongst its most pertinent features. This component keeps motorists safe from potentially harsh weather phenomena, such as wind and precipitation. Moreover, the structure prevents debris, like rocks, sand and other particles from the air from entering their vehicle and potentially causing harm.

We urge vehicle owners to employ numerous measures to ensure their car’s windshield remains in optimal condition. Certain automobile experts and safety industry professionals suggest that one such action be to have a product known as paint protection film installed atop their windshields.

Paint Protection Film Overview

This material is a type of plastic or polyurethane layer of film, typically applied to a vehicle’s external services, most notably said automobile’s bodywork. The product acts like skin that protects sensitive coverings from the elements of exposure common to a car.

In many cases, a vehicle’s exterior is most susceptible to damage from environmental debris, which precipitates aesthetically-unpleasing marks, like scrapes or scratches. However, other factors, such as excessive sunlight exposure, extremely warm or cold temperatures, acid rain and mineral deposit buildups, also possess the capacity to inflict damage and eventual deterioration. Visit to get your own paint protection film or for more information.

Paint protection film dates back to the Vietnam War era. During the conflict, flying debris and shrapnel caused the United States military to experience a significant amount of damage to pertinent combat equipment. Once the problem reached immeasurable proportions, that nation’s defence department consulted with the 3M Corporation, who created the product’s original designs.

The Installation Process

Installation is typically performed by auto body specialists who carefully apply the material to specific parts of a vehicle’s exterior. These products are often available in clear or a variety of different colours. Moreover, said product also comes in numerous thickness layers. More substantial vinyl material are the components used in these protective coverings. The performance of the installation process usually has the following steps:

Preparing The Surface

Before setting any material, the receiving regions must first go through a preparation process, which involves a thorough cleaning. Often, the execution of this process utilizes a degreasing agent designed to remove problematic particles, such as dirt, dust and allergens.

Cutting The Protective Material

After cleansing the intended surfaces, those performing the installation cur the specific material to be laid down and cover the vehicle’s exterior components with said product.

Applying A Spray Fitting Solution

Once the material is in place, installers use a substance known as an activator. This spray solution activates a glue-like element contained in the material that stimulates its capacity to stick to the exterior’s surfaces.

Fitting The Material

Once the material in question settles into the appropriate positions, installers will ease said product into place by removing bubbles or creases that might have developed during previous stages.


When the material has been adequately applied and fitted, the drying process commences. Performing drying is typically with a heat gun, which activates adhesives that cause the product to stick to the vehicle’s body.

The dangers windshields face

The composition of windshields usually includes durable, thick glass. However, time and exposure to adverse weather conditions and the normal wear and tear incurred through everyday driving can precipitate potentially dangerous issues, such as scratches and even cracks. In some cases, minor items, like small chips, can be repaired. However, more often than not, moderate to severe cracking necessitates immediate replacement. To know more about such services visit

Hazards Of Driving With A Damaged Windshield

Even the most seemingly minor windshield harm should have the attention of a reputable, experienced glass repair or an auto body professional for further assessment. Motorists who ignore windshield damage could increase their chances of experiencing potential concerns, such as:

Decreased Structural Integrity

Even minimal damage to a windshield can significantly compromise the feature’s structural integrity. As a vehicle travels at increased speeds, there is a greater force on the glass. As time progresses, this continual tension can weaken the structure and potentially precipitate further deterioration.

Water Leakages

The tiniest openings in a windshield could enable water to leak into the automobile in question. Such an occurrence could lead to unsightly and costly damage to the interior’s upholstery. Furthermore, unwarranted water accumulation might precipitate the growth of potentially health-impacting materials, including mould and mildew.

Reduced Visibility

A scarred windshield could inhibit a motorist’s visibility. Decreased sightlines could precipitate accidents that could result in significant vehicular destruction, serious bodily injuries and possibly even death. Additionally, cracked or chipped windshields are more likely to induce sun glare, which could temporarily blind drivers and cause incidents, potentially eliciting the dangers as mentioned earlier.


Windshield openings enable excessively warm or cold air to accumulate inside the car’s interior. Either condition could render entering the vehicle uncomfortable or potentially hazardous. Moreover, heightened concentrations of warmth or cold could result in damage to the automobile’s interior components.

Higher Risk Of Injury During Accident

Compromised windshields are more likely to give way during moderate to high impact collisions. In such circumstances, motorists and passengers stand at higher risk of being ejected from such vehicles. Should this event occur, the impacted individual’s chances of incurring severe physical and internal injuries or death rise exponentially. Moreover, shattering glass could cause major injury or death.

Improper Airbag Deployment

Optimally-functioning airbags serve as the backstop for airbags in the event of a collision. The slightest damage to the windshield could significantly impede proper deployment, which could result in serious injuries or death.

The Vehicle’s Value

The most minute windshield abrasions can significantly reduce an automobile’s monetary value. Such factors could prove costly should the owner decide to sell the vehicle in question.

Combining The Windshield And Protective Films

Automotive and safety professionals opine that protective films often prove valuable in safeguarding windshields. Granted, windshields are typically durable and consist of much thicker and higher quality glass than other car windows. However, it is also essential to reiterate how valuable the windscreen is to a motorist’s safety. Therefore, said individuals are strongly encouraged to have unique windshield protective coverings installed as soon as possible.