Why You Should Get An Embroidered Biker Patch

Being a biker is a wonderful and colorful hobby. You get to travel around with people of the same interests, and there isn’t a more convenient way to do it then by a bike. It is often cheaper and faster than by a car, and you have a greater sense of freedom experiencing the fresh air everywhere around. To be honest – there are few things better than traveling on a bike.

And while being a biker holds no norms so you can enjoy it the way you want certain clothing styles to seem to be in trend for bikers. For decades leather jackets and pants have been a symbol for bikers, and it would be wrong to say that bikers don’t care about their looks. Saying this, bikers enjoy having embroidered patches on their jackets, and that is for a few reasons. And with customized patches being available to buy everywhere around there is no reason you wouldn’t get one. Let’s take a look at how the same improve a bikers experience, and what are your best options!


The Benefits Of An Embroidered Biker Patch

  1. Social Experience. Getting and wearing an embroidered patch improves the bikers experience even more. The fact is many biker groups have their own patches and joining different ones will allow you to have your collection of various patches and thus get recognized when on the road. These few inch textile patches carry a huge meaning to the biker community and can even stand for your experience in this hobby!


  1. As mentioned above the patches are there as a sign of bikers community. There are people who do biking just in order to have improved social life, and patches are good proof that you belong somewhere. Saying this, it is clear that patches aren’t something bikers get only for their looks.


  1. Last, but not least an embroidered patch allows you to be distinguished from other non-bikers wearing the same clothing combinations. And with embroidered patches being pretty popular you can now customize one to your need and according to your idea (photos, quotes, etc.).


Where To Get Embroidered Biker Patches

While patches were meant only for military and astronauts to wear a few decades ago, now the same has become pretty popular, and people of different professions enjoy the same. And as mentioned above bikers seem to do it the best – enjoying the sense community it gives and fashion benefits as well. Now, although embroidered patches with already made logos are pretty popular, you now have an option of creating customized embroidered patches for bikers over an online shop. It is simple and done in a few steps. You need to specify the dimensions, upload a photo or a logo you want, and note if there are any special requirements. From military and sports to cartoon, insignia and flag patches you will be able to get just the right one for your needs. The embroidered patches shop will have your patch available in a matter of few days, and in case something is wrong or asks for a change the excellent customer support is there for you!



The biker embroidered patches are a thing becoming more and more popular in the community, and with the option to customize the same we can only expect further growth of this market. Thus, investing in a good and customized embroidered patch is something you should do as a biker reaping the many benefits it offers throughout!