Why You Should Clean Your Car’s Fuel Injectors

Keeping your fuel injectors clean is important in order to maintain your car’s engine to function and work properly. Great care should be taken towards your car’s fuel injectors and plenty of lies are sold by providers in order to get their clients to buy some sort of fuel injectors services. While we do agree that fuel injector cleaning services are a legitimate service, knowing how fuel injectors work, why they need to be cleaned, and how, will keep you away from paying for unnecessary services.

How Do Fuel Injectors Work?

Fuel Injectors deliver fuel to the engine in cone-shaped spray by pumping it through it eighter a fixed or electronically controlled aperture.

The cone-shaped mist is more effective than most solid streams, and it makes it easier to ignite. Like most things, over time the fuel injectors are starting to decrease in performance because of the deposits from the burning fuel that builds up in the aperture.

source: wrenchflix.com

What Are the Symptoms of Clogged Injectors?

Some of the symptoms of clogged injectors that might occur are:

  • Hard Engine Starting
  • Rough Idle State
  • Hesitation while Throttle tip-in
  • Pinging sound while in pre-ignition
  • Poor Performance
  • Overall Decrease in Gas Mileage

How Will You Know if Your Injectors Need Cleaning?

The above-mentioned symptoms are more than enough to alert you if your fuel injectors need cleaning. Since it can take up to one hour for inspection to check your injectors, we recommend you clean your injectors after a period of time or after a certain mileage. The optimal length of time for fuel injectors to be cleaned should be every 36 months, or after passing 45,000 miles. We clean fuel injector’s with special fuel injector cleaners. You can find out about the best ones in this guide about the best fuel injector cleaner 2019.

How to Keep Your Injectors Clean for a Longer Period of Time?

With vehicle models from 2004 and newer, the use of fuel injector cleaners is less required. This is because the newer model designs better reduce fuel fouling. However, older vehicle models, or pre-2004 vehicle models, require higher quality fuel in order to keep the fuel injectors clean for a longer period of time. Using higher quality of fuel injector cleaners will also reduce the need for cleaning your fuel injectors more frequently. However, despite using high-end fuel injector cleaners, you will still have to properly clean your injectors eventually.

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How to Manually Clean Your Fuel Injectors?

This is the most difficult thing to do as a beginner because it is not recommended to disassemble engine parts if you lack the expertise. Even if you follow a strict guide, the risk of messing up is far too grater and can cause a lot of problems. Additionally, cleaning your fuel injectors without the proper equipment can make the cleaning harder and more time-consuming.

Various cleaning services have equipment that costs thousands of dollars in order to do a proper job. When cleaning your fuel injectors, you will need to observe the following things in order to avoid any problems:

  1. Leaking: Always make sure that all parts of the fuel injectors are properly sealed in order to avoid any leaking
  2. Fuel Volume: Under operating procedures, the injectors must be supplied with the right amount of fuel in order for things to go smooth
  3. Atomization: In order to provide optimal combustion, the fuel needs to be under high pressure and atomized properly
  4. Distribution: Distribution of the spray pattern is extremely important in order to guarantee safe and efficient combusting