Why You need Auto Glass Replacement for Your Cracked Windshield

It is always a bummer when you notice your windshield has a crack in it. It can be difficult sometimes to determine when to replace or just repair the glass. Sometimes it is also easier to do yourself rather than having a shop to replace your cracked windshield and also cheaper. Although sometimes insurance can help with paying for it and make it an overall simple fix.

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When to Repair or Replace Windshields


It can often be hard to realize a small crack in the windshield and sometimes we won’t notice it until the sun hits it just right while we are driving. When it happens like this it is hard to determine when it happened or how so it usually can’t be reported to insurance for coverage. However, insurance sometimes can help with repair or replacements of windshields depending on the policyholder plans a deductible may be needed.

Determining if the windshield needs to be replaced you should consider a few things first. Location, size, amount of damage, and if the windshield is older with more divots throughout are all to be considered when decided to repair or replace the windshield. If there is a chip directly in the driver’s line of sight or damage near the edge of the windshield, then it should be replaced rather than repaired. If it is a small chip in the center or towards the passenger line of sight repair is going to be the best solution for the time being.

Repairs and replacements are important and should be done as soon as possible. The windshield allows the vehicle to have maximum strength when protecting the occupants inside during a crash. As well as small cracks and chips in the line of sight of the driver could cause issues when driving and the sun or lights glare off of them, which could result in accidents.

DIY Repair Kits

There are many repair kits available for do-it-yourselfers, if you are comfortable going that route you can pick them up at most auto stores. They usually replicate the resin injection techniques that professionals use. The main difference between DIY vs. professional repair such as Auto Glass Guru is the quality of tools used for the repair as well as the experience and expertise behind doing these types of repairs.

Shopping Around


While finding a professional to repair or replace windshields can be expensive some insurance companies will pay for the replacement depending on the policy you have. Out of pocket full windshield repairs can cost as much as $400 this is the cost of labor for installation as well as the windshield.  To do it yourself is cheaper, but then you have to worry about if things like it being road-ready or not. Also, it is not uncommon for DIY to have more accidents along the way of replacing the windshield and breaking a brand new one. To know more about replacement services visit


It is important to repair and replace the windshield to keep the overall safety of the vehicle at maximum capability. When the windshield is cracked or chipped it can make it easier to sustain a break as well as not have the vehicle at its maximum strength which can cause more damage during accidents. Having a damaged windshield can also make you more likely to be the cause of an automobile accident when light glares from the cracks or glares. When you get a crack or chip be quick to get it repaired or replaced so ensure the safety of your occupants in the vehicle.

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