Why the new 2019 Toyota Fortuner 2.8 is a great buy

For the SUV and off-road enthusiast, the Toyota Fortuner has always been one of the top choices in South Africa. The latest 2019 model as it’s predecessors keeps its ruggedness and versatility and at the same time has style, sophistication and refinement.

According to Targetspares experts, whom we visited and had a chat, the top-of-the-range 2.8-litre turbo diesel develops 130kw and a torque of 450 Nm it also comes with a six-speed automatic transmission which is well paired with this engine. They claim that this combination works quite well and that it gives life to the Fortuner. Besides other advantages, this is what makes the new Toyota fantastic.

Toyota claims a fuel consumption figure of 8.5L/100km which you will be able to achieve around 900km on the 80L tank of diesel fuel.

It has a versatile seating arrangement with a second and third row of seats for additional occupants. The second row has a 60/40 split and can slide backward and forwards and also decline, the third row has a 50/50 split with just a recline function.

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Both of these rows can be folded away at the touch of a button.

This Fortuna has all the creature comforts with a focus on refinement.  The vehicle is well insulated against road and tire noise which makes the cabin of this vehicle very quiet indeed. The ride is relatively comfortable but at the same time maintains it’s known stiffness which is perfect for off-road conditions.

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The Fortuner has very good ground clearance with excellent approach and departure angles, this also includes a rear differential lock. This together with the six-speed automatic transmission and good torque power make sure that the Fortuner hardy breaks the sweat on most off-road conditions.

Overall as per its predecessors, the new Toyota Fortuner is an excellent buy and that one can do with the knowledge of purchasing a reliable vehicle with great backup service.

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