Why it is Important to Keep your Car Owner Manual

One thing that is likely to always have in your car is your owner’s manual, and if you don’t you should at least keep it nearby. This instructional book has all the information you need to operate the features and troubleshooting advice of your car’s exact model. However, at first glance, all this information crammed in a little book may be a bit overwhelming. This is why we have made a list of the most important things you can find and use in your owner’s manual.

How to set up your car

With every year, cars are adding a lot more tech features, many of which need a little set up by the owner. These systems include delayed lighting, sound system decibel thresholds and keyless entry. Without guidance from your owner’s manual, the initial setup may be confusing, however, with the manual the setup can be pretty easy.

How to check your fluids

Reading a dipstick may not be a complicated task, but some fluids should be check cold while others give more accurate readings when hot (for example, check your transmission fluid with the car on and check your oil with the car off). More importantly, owners often can’t find where the measure fluids are located since it can greatly differ between vehicle models.

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Advice for better driving

Since every vehicle has its quirks and kinks, there is an ideal way to drive your vehicle that may or may not fit your type of driving style. This is especially during the car’s first 1,000 miles put on the engine which is usually called “break-in period”. Your manual will probably mention all the things you should avoid doing during this period, as well as other valuable advice on how to achieve the best gas mileage and increase safety.

If you are missing your owner’s manual, check this.


If you find yourself stranded on an empty road, help may be difficult to get, especially if you are in an area without network service. However, your manual may help you deal with common emergencies, such as changing a flat tire, how to manually open an electric window or jump start your car.

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All the technical data you need

At some point, you will need to retrieve some technical information about your car or your car’s components whether it’s the engine size or vehicle dimensions. You can easily find all this data in your manual’s section for technical data.

Ideal tire pressure

Even if you know how to use a tire gauge, you will need to know your car’s perfect tire pressure so you can fill them up properly. Even though this information is often found on the side of each tire, you can always find it in your owner’s manual with step by step instructions so you don’t under or over inflate.

How to protect and clean your car’s surfaces

You probably want your car’s paint to always shine and your interior to look pristine. Even though there are general cleaning methods that apply for all vehicles, the particular fabric or leather in your vehicle may need special care. Your owner’s manual will specify how to properly clean all the areas, even areas such as your windshield wiper blades, chrome accents, and side mirrors.