6 Reasons Why Electric Microcars Are on the Rise in 2020

While you are walking or driving across your city, you’ve probably seen an increased number of electric microcars on the road. You may ask yourself where they came from and why so many people love them. In a case you didn’t see them yet, those are the small cars for one or two passengers, that are lightweight, and don’t use too much energy, but at the same time, they are powerful enough to take you from one point to another, almost equally effective as the everyday vehicles.

But first, let’s define the term microcar:

It’s a small size vehicle, that may be a bubble car or cyclecar, and there are a few other types that are part of this group. Usually, they have four wheels, but some of the newer models come with three wheels. These vehicles don’t require special treatments and policies when registered, and you can drive them using your regular driving license. The difference is that they are powered with electricity instead of fuel. You can even shop for them online on websites like and choose the model you want, together with the shipping options and other legal things already covered.

What makes them a popular option for individuals, and also for companies, especially those who deliver food or other goods to the customers? The expenses are pretty low, and the availability of public chargers is also one of the key reasons why business owners prefer them over classical cars.

1. People really love them

Despite how practical they are, many people find them cute and attractive, but also inexpensive to invest and maintain them. Some people think they are not as durable as the ordinary vehicles, but those who use them confirm it’s a true revolution in the traffic choices. According to some researches, in the next 20 years, electric micro vehicles will take 30-40% of the whole sales of cars. Also, they are easier to park on the stops, which can be a huge problem when driving an everyday vehicle. The environment pollution and gas emission is another one reason while the popularity of this cars is still growing because most of the people are aware of how harmful can be the gases from the fuel for the health and ecology.

2. Many governments are making them more affordable

Electric vehicles are not cheap. Their price is almost equal to a new car, but many governments around the world are helping by co-financing, helping interested people to invest in this type of vehicle, and save the environment. That is a good investment because electricity is more cost-effective than standard fuel. That will result in some savings in the long term, which is very well for those who are not ready to spend a lot of money on vehicle maintenance.

3. More people are now taking care of the environment

Global pollution is a huge problem because it’s not only the environment that suffers. This situation may harm the general health condition of the population because as we all know, the gas emission and PM10 particles are the main reason for lung damage and other health issues in people. Buying an electric microcar may look like a minor step in fixing this problem, but as the people are getting more conscious about the issue, they are more likely to try to save the planet.

4. They look very attractive

As we already mentioned above in this article, people love them because the microcars are nice looking and very cool, which is an important feature, especially for the millennials, who want to look fancy in front of their friends. Also, the availability of colors and customizing options are a great choice for those who want to stand out or make a statement.

5. People loved them since forever

Not many people want to drive huge cars. The most popular models are those who are easy to maneuver and drive even on the local and low maintained roads. Big vehicles are complicated for most of the drivers because they can barely control them, especially if the driver is a beginner or inexperienced. Mini cars were customers’ favorite since forever, and these microcars are just a step further in establishing a stable market, that will stay attractive for decades.

6. It’s great for your business

If you are a business owner, you may consider thinking about investing in a few electrical microcars that your employees will use when they need to go to meetings or to deliver the goods you are providing for the customers. Also, that will decrease your fuel expenses on the company level, because the drivers will be able to use public charging spots to charge the vehicles. In the eyes of the clients, you will look like a responsible company that cares about the environment, who is ready to embrace the new technology and use it for good.

Disadvantages of this type of vehicle

No one can expect that microcars are perfect, and they have some disadvantages too. They are suitable for one or two people, and they are not practical for bigger families. Most of the manufacturers will advise avoiding open roads, because if you get in a crash, the risk is much bigger for you, because they are lightweight and not so safe, even though the advanced car system will do everything to protect the passengers. So, most of the owners suggest to drive them into urban city areas and avoid highways. When you need to go on a long road trip, stick to ordinary everyday vehicles.

Owning a proper vehicle is a need, and you need to choose it smartly. Sometimes you will have to decide which car is the best for you, and you should follow your general needs and preferences. Everyday cars are not a bad option, especially if you travel more out of the city and you often drive on the open road. But, if you are in the city area all the time, take all these benefits in mind if you are interested in investing in an electric microcar.

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