Why Choose a Rock Solid Cargo Trailer Versus Other Brands?

When it comes to buying a cargo trailer, one of the most important things to consider is the brand. This is because the durability and quality of the trailer are majorly influenced by its manufacturer. Since you are here, it means you understand the importance of properly considering the brand you patronize. It also means you are seriously considering Rock Solid Cargo.

Well, the truth is, choosing this brand above other brands is one of the best things you can do to ensure the durability of your trailer. But you can’t just take our words for it without us explaining why we say this. Hence, in this article, we will discuss why people choose Rock Solid cargo trailers over other brands. We believe at the end of this article you’ll be convinced of the efficiency of this brand over others.

About Rock Solid Cargo

Rock Solid Cargo is a cargo trailer manufacturing company. This company although locally owned has a nationwide clientele. The history of this company is quite an interesting one.

This firm started when the Wright family set out to start their enclosed trailer manufacturing business. They got investors, opened the company, and in June 2017, this business manufactured its very first trailer. While other brands offer different types of trailers, this company understood what works best and focused on manufacturing a specific line of enclosed trailers.

Since 2017, this company has become quite successful and has developed its manufacturing processes to produce unique and high-quality products. It has grown and expanded substantially over the years. Its production facility in Georgia dedicated to producing high-quality trailers now sits on a whopping 40 acres of land.

This business remains family-owned with Tony Wright as its general manager and president and Caleb Wright (Tony’s son) as the co-owner. Before setting up this company, Tony used to work as a manager in this industry. His many years of experience in this industry are reflected in how he runs his business.

This firm has only been around for a while, but it has made quite the name for itself in this short while. It can be said that is among the fastest-scaling manufacturers in this industry. It has even won a Statistical Surveys, Inc. award as the highest enclosed trailers sales increase percentage in 2018.

Caleb Wright spoke about all these and more in a NATDA Magazine article. One thing to note about the growth of this business is that it wouldn’t have been possible if they weren’t dedicated to providing the best products.

Why Rock Solid Cargo and Not Other Brands

All we have said so far isn’t enough to convince you to choose this brand though. You are probably wondering, “The company has fast growth, so what?’”.  Well, this brand has some advantages over other brands, and we are going to look at them below.

High-Quality Trailers

This company has an advanced production plant where their trailers are manufactured. They have modern equipment to ensure their products are manufactured in the best way possible. Aside from the facilities and equipment, this firm also boasts of having the best set of skilled and trained workers. All of these ensure that every product they put out has the best quality.


Another thing this company boasts of is the durability of its products. They use the best materials to make sure their products stay in the best shape for the longest time possible. This way, you’ll always get your money’s worth when you buy their product.

5-Year Warranty

This business is so confident in the durability of the trailers it manufactures that it offers a structural warranty of 5 good years. However, note that this warranty is structural and has some limitations. For instance, the warranty only covers damages caused by the manufacturer. This means that damages like defacing, dents, tears, chops, scratches, dents, and other damages caused by unauthorized repairs, neglect, and misuse aren’t covered by the warranty.

Also, the warranty for certain parts like the fiberglass parts is just one year. If your trailer has any issue within the warranty period, the company will either repair or replace it. If neither of these is possible, then you will get a refund.

However, to get the warranty service, you have to fill out and return the warrant card within 15 days of purchasing the trailer. Also, you need to notify the manufacturer about the defect within 15 days after it happens, or you discover it. You will also have to pay for other services needed to get the warranty service. This may include transportation and towing services.

Brand Image

Aforementioned, Rock Solid Cargo is a well-known enclosed cargo trailers manufacturer that specializes in the production of long-lasting, high-performance trailers. Their brand image is often characterized by strength, reliability, and durability. The company’s goal is to create a perception of reliability and durability in their products. They want their trailers to be able to withstand harsh conditions while offering dependable transportation solutions.


Rock Solid Cargo produces a wide variety of trailers in different sizes and colors. Regardless of what your needs and preferences are, you’ll find something that suits it. You can also get special packages like an electrical package, motorcycle package, black out package, and so on.

Competitive Price

Another thing that sets this company apart from its competitors is that it also provides competitive prices for its products. You can visit to learn more about competitive prices. This means that you’ll get all of these at a fair price.


Rock Solid Cargo produces high-quality enclosed trailers that come in various sizes and even colors. With its modern and highly effective facility and well-trained workers, this company has all it needs to produce the best trailers for its customers. As though this isn’t enough, you get a 5-year warranty on any Rock Solid Cargo you purchase firsthand.

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