White Rims on Black Cars- Do They Look Good? (Pictures attached)

Being the second most popular car color on the chart after white, the rage surrounding black is unignorable. With the powerful aura that radiates off almost all cars as long as they are black and the value the color adds to the car, fame is also unavoidable.

However, the exquisite beauty of a black car is many times impaired by its superior needs for maintenance. Plus, you get to experience the extra heat when the sun goes up.

If you end up choosing a black stallion nonetheless, make sure you get the footing right, lest the aesthetics trip over. Generally, black is easy-going in terms of rim color, therefore, it is compatible with multiple shades.

What about rims that are polar-opposite of the color though? Find out how strong white rims stand against a black car below-

Do White Rims Look Good On A Black Car?

In short, white rims will DEFINITELY rock the black car. White rims and black cars create together a contrast that barely any other pairing can pull off. These can make for an incredibly interesting but aesthetically alluring combination.

The poise mysteriousness of a black car when combined with the pure shade of white loses a bit of aggression, but in a refreshingly candid manner. Have a look for yourself:

White rims on a Black car- @mikkee_23

Such a striking contrast will bring a lot of attention to your car. White rims have this unique trait of giving almost any car a racy feel like black does with the powerful vibe.

White rims on a Black car- @williampascu

However, this combination might not be the best for all models. A sedan or a coup can smash this look without a problem, but you’ll need to find out how it would do on your vehicle specifically. Alternatively black rims on a black car should do the trick for everyone.

Both, the black car and the white rims get dirty real fast and then they are a real pain. We wouldn’t advise you to buy this stubborn set if you aren’t as headstrong on the care aspect.

White Wheel Recommendation: Konig Oversteer

Considering that white mostly adds a racy edge to a car, the Konig Oversteer is designed such that it can easily make your car look even more aggressive in its stance. And since it’s a black car we’re talking about, it is safe to assume that this combination will hook gazes.

The split 5 spoke pattern of the wheel is enunciated with a punctured exterior design. Plus the wheels are inexpensive and can save you a few bucks while providing durable quality material.

Can I Paint My Rims White?

You can, in fact, paint your wheels yourself with a bit of research. Remove the wheels from the car, and if you can, remove the tires from the wheel. Wash and then sand the wheels, first with 300-grit sandpaper and then a 500-grit one.

Now rinse off the wheels again and dry them before applying a primer. Mask the wheel before you prime them. Once you’re done putting on the primer, wait for half an hour.

Apply the paint in thin coats to make sure it goes on effectively. Try three coats and wait 30 minutes. Then apply a clear coat, in three separate coats and let the paint job sit for the next, 2 to 24 hours (preferably 24).

What Other Rim Colors Look Great on a Black Car?

1. Black

Black itself can be a perfect match for a black car. The result is a sleek, powerful, and enigmatic ride that emits a strong aura of aggressiveness. Despite being difficult to keep clean, this color combination is unrivalled when it comes to looks.

Black rims on a Black car- @hostilewheels
Black rims on a Black car- @p0rsch3_911_carrera

Black rims on black car is such a popular and sought-after color combination in the enthusiast world that we had to come up with a separate article to answer the age-old question Do Black Rims Look Good On A Black Car?

Black Wheel Recommendation: Black Rhino Sierra

With milled spokes, Black Rhino’s Siera is a classic example of a wheel with grace and stealth. In addition to being durable, they are relatively lightweight and affordable.

The 8-spokes design of this SUV/ pickup specific wheel accompanies a bolt-on center cap and offers a rugged look with accentuated dimensions on the wheel. We love the gloss finish but be warned that the maintenance need will be abundant.


For the people who love the luxury tones, gold on black screams posh and regality. Out on the streets, you may have a hard time finding a car with better coloring scheme to steal stares in the most subtle of ways.

Gold rims on a Black car- @dominica1488
Gold rims on a Black car- @daniel_acevedod

But aside from the majestic appearance, gold wheels can actually lower your car care headache, at least from their side. They aren’t as stubborn with dirt and brake dust as is black.

Gold Wheel Recommendation: Drag DR-19

When I said gold rims and a black car were an imperial combination like no other, Drag DR-19 were the rims I was describing. Dripping in grandeur, the gold color of this wheel with the mesh design easily make it a favorite of mine on this list.

As a plus, these are incredibly low-priced and the quality and durability is pretty much unmatched in the price bracket. The overall design of the wheels features a snap-in center with a halo of split spokes.

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