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Where To Sell My Car: 7 Best Options

So, you’ve decided to get another car to replace your current one. It might be that your family is growing and that getting a big SUV would be more convenient for trips. Or it could be that you want to upgrade your ride now that you’re earning more and have a bigger disposable income. Of course, though you might have the money for a new one, you would still want to get the best price for your current car.

There’s a massive market for used cars these days, with people’s preference for more affordable transportation surging because of the increase in unemployment and job loss due to the unpredictability of the economy. Many people prefer used cars to new ones. With the market for used cars growing, options for where to sell them have rapidly broadened.

This goes without saying, but getting the most money out of your used car is always the primary objective. The money from the sale can help pay your old loan or be used as down payment for the new vehicle you want to acquire.

To help you out, here are seven options for where to sell your car.

1. Private Party

By far, the most straightforward way of selling your car is to sell it through your network of friends and acquaintances. Selling your car this way will be much faster, especially if you’re the type who keeps all documentation on file and organized. The vehicle’s repair and upkeep history are essential in selling a car through private channels. This will give the buyer an idea of how well the car was taken care of.

It’s also necessary to provide the buyer with an excellent and clean impression of your vehicle. So, fixing cosmetic issues before you show the car off is crucial. Dents and scratches are a turn-off for many buyers, and an unpleasant smell in the interior, especially of cigarette smoke, will make them feel that the car was not well cared for. So, if you want to sell fast, it would be best to give your vehicle a good wash before showing it off and having someone test drive it.

2. Used-Car Buyer


Used-car buyers acquire used cars professionally, so they are knowledgeable about what they do. They provide many services that will help make selling your car a pleasant experience.

They try their best to give their clients the best offer and a stress-free experience in the process. You don’t have to be concerned about services such as pickup and drop-off, as they will seamlessly assist you from beginning to end. If you want more information, visit here.

3. E-Commerce Platforms

Online selling portals are becoming increasingly popular, as traffic leading to those sites has surged exponentially in recent years. Many people spend a large amount of time shopping online, thus leading to the continuous rise of e-commerce platforms worldwide. This is a massive opportunity for people who want to reach a wider market in selling their used cars.

You just have to create a listing, manage it, chat with potential buyers, and complete the sale. Yes, it’s that easy, but it also comes with certain risks. Scammers on online platforms have found ways to make money from innocent individuals, and this is something you have to watch out for.

4. Car Advertising Sites

Promoting your car through online advertising is also an option you can utilize. There are free offers for advertisement available, but they often come with limited features. If you want your car to be seen in ads, you may have to pay an extra fee. The additional cost comes with features such as listing for comprehensive pricing, photo galleries, editorial content, and a side-by-side comparison tool that many buyers look at when buying used cars.

The small price you’ll pay will give you a wider chance of being seen in the world of car buyers. Advertising sites are meant for a specific market of buyers looking for a particular type of car, so your chances of getting it sold will be higher.

5. Auction Companies


Another stress-free way of selling your used car is through an auction company. They will highlight your vehicle and show it to the right people who might be interested in bidding for it, and the highest bidder will get the car.

The probability that your vehicle will be sold is higher in an auction, though you have to take note of the fees and commission percentage that go with it. You don’t have to search for buyers in an auction, because the buyers will go to you. Buyers will respond to an announcement by the auctioneer, so you know that the people in the room are looking specifically for the car you’re selling.

Auction companies provide live auction and online auction options. So, depending on your preferences, you may sign up for either one and pay the corresponding fee. If your car doesn’t sell on the day you sign up, you can always pay for additional storage and listing fees so your car can be featured in future auctions.

6. Rental Car Companies

Low-mileage, secondhand vehicles are the top choice of rental car companies. The boom of rental car companies buying used cars came about because of the shortage of new cars being manufactured due to the scarcity of semiconductors. This deficit of new cars also increased the prices of used cars in 2020. The global microchip shortage has impacted the car rental industry; thus, the prices for used vehicles have increased. So, you could say this is the best time to sell your used car.

7. Dealer Trade-In

If you plan on buying a new car, one way to quickly dispose of your old one is to trade it in with the dealer you’ll be buying a new car from.

The most important thing to note in a trade-in is that you should know the value of your used car. An industry guide will be the best thing to use in determining your vehicle’s trade-in price. In particular, the Blue Book will give you a fair assessment of how your car is currently valued. It is a free online tool that the public can use.


Knowing where to sell your used car is just one part of the process. Knowing all the details of your car is just as crucial. Vehicle make, model, repair history, mileage, and other relevant information are necessary for you to know so you can sell your car fast, no matter which of the above methods you will opt to use.

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