When Your Vehicle Breaks Down Use VEDOC App

The feeling right after your vehicle breaks down is never a good one. What’s even worse is the feeling that many experiences immediately after; the stomach-sinking approach to choosing an auto repair shop. Sure, your family or friends may have one they recommend, or even swear by-but how can you be sure that they got a good deal and did not get ripped off? As the pressure of getting your mobility back as quickly as possible mounts, you have quite an important decision to make. The incorrect choice of an auto repair shop or mechanic can be quite an expensive mistake, and until now there have been few options besides getting what little information you can from those close you.

Enter Yoguef Sanchez. This 27-year-old entrepreneur based out of Houston, Texas has decided that enough is enough, and is looking to change the way vehicle services are rendered completely. His mobile app, Vedoc, (which stands for Vehicle Doctor) has launched finally and it’s available on iOS and Android platforms.

Img source: magazine.northeast.aaa.com

This service could be the missing link for getting connected with a reputable shop in a few easy clicks; and instead of you choosing a shop, they choose you! The way this will work quite simply. A user will post their requirements to the app and watch as shops begin making offers for servicing the vehicle. All of the repair shops will be reviewed by the Vedoc team to ensure top quality, and will even update users daily on the progression of their vehicle.

Mechanics and auto shops have held quite an advantage over customers for quite some time. The current process doesn’t really require different businesses to compete with each other, which has led to machine shops in some cases getting away with charging high prices unbeknownst to their customers. The reason for this is simple; by the time anyone has gotten their car to any shop, it can take considerable time and effort to research and compare against other shops once you get the “diagnosis,” not to mention the cost of towing your car to the next shop as well. Customers also don’t really have a baseline to compare; there is no way for you to know how much the cost of labor and parts add up in relation to what other shops are charging.

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This is where the beauty of price and quality competition would exist with Vedoc. By creating a marketplace for these auto shops to compete for a user’s business, Sanchez hopes to put the power in the hands of the customer. This is not to say there are no advantages for the auto industry as well. The app will not only create better accountability between shops and their customers, and it should increase clientele for many shops who may have never had a chance at a customer across town in the first place. Labeled as “the Amazon of car services,” be on the lookout for Vedoc on your smartphone soon! The service will be ramping up in Texas initially and then California, with Sanchez hoping to expand to all U.S. states by the end of 2019.

 Looks like you will be able to find the best service for your vehicle without even looking!