When Should You Replace Your Windshield

Windshields protect drivers and passengers from external forces, such as winds, insects, and debris. They also provide extra protection in cases of collision and similar accidents. In addition, they keep the drivers and passengers dry and unbothered from the rain and heat.

Like most things, windshields have limited life and durability, with an average of a five-years. But this could be earlier, depending on each windshield’s case. Suppose you want to determine the time to replace your windshield. In that case, this article will provide you with insights that can help you learn more. So, keep on reading!

1. It Shows Signs Of Damage

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The damage to windshields usually comes from cracks. They may worsen and develop larger cracks and even holes if ignored for a long time. When this happens, immediate replacement is necessary. On the other hand, replacing these damaged windshields may be detrimental to the driver and passengers. In addition, it can be a reason for a violation and cause the driver fines.

Windshield damage may aggravate because of various causes. According to auto glass specialists, avoiding these causes can prevent the spreading of the damage, extending the windshield’s lifespan. Some of these causes are:

  • Frequency Of Use: The more you drive your car, the more likely its windshield will sustain damage.
  • Vibration: Driving through a rocky road or similar streets can worsen the crack’s damage.
  • Temperature Change: Fluctuating temperatures can cause the windshield to contract and expand, increasing its possibility of cracking.
  • Pressure: Driving through a tunnel can spread damage because of uneven pressure.
  • Poor Windshield Replacement: Low-quality windshield replacement can also contribute to the cracking of the windshield or worsen existing damage.

If you’re not yet familiar with the different types of cracks and damage, you must dive into the following:

  • Chips: These are shallow cracks caused by flying debris or gravel. Some may be too small to notice and require a close inspection.
  • Bull’s Eye: This is a round crack with spreading outward damage from the center. Large stones, baseball, and similar objects usually cause this damage.
  • Star Break: As its name suggests, this radiates damage that looks like a starburst.
  • Combination Breaks: These refer to the damage composed of cracks and other types, such as bull’s eye and star break. Collisions and other road accidents often cause these.
  • Half-Moon: This refers to the crescent-shaped damage that runs along the windshield’s edges.

After an accident or a long road trip, a manual windshield inspection is a must. You may also check your windshield if you keep parking your car outside your house. If you suspect your windshield has hidden damage, you may visit an auto glass supplier and seek an inspection and possible replacement.

2. It No Longer Fits

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Because of natural wear and tear, windshields may loosen because of their damaged edges. Apart from this, hidden cracks may cause breakage that can also displace the windscreen in its molding. If you suspect your windshield has this type of damage, you may gently tap it to check whether or not it’s tightly fit. If it isn’t, seek the services of auto glass suppliers.

One of the signs of unfit windshields is a rattling sound. Since it no longer fits perfectly, the windshield’s edges may hit the underside portions of the moldings and produce a rattling sound. You may need to seek an immediate windshield replacement when you hear this repeatedly.

3. It Becomes Hazy

Collective damage, such as scratches and chips, may cause the windshield to be hazy. Aside from this, swirling may happen because of contamination and aging, affecting the driver’s visibility. This can ultimately make the glass blurry, compromising the driver’s vision. If ignored, this may lead to a road accident, so a replacement is mandatory if these signs are observed.

In most cases, hazy windshields are usually caused by natural wear and tear, especially when the glass is too exposed to changing extreme weather and temperature. Exposure to naturally abrasive chemicals may also blur the windshield. In addition, rusting car parts near the windshield may send rust buildup in the glass, leading to the same problem.

4. It Shows Pitting

Pitting refers to the indentation of the windshield, which may also be caused by natural wear and tear and triggered by small stones, sand, and other debris. If you frequently use busy roads, your windshield is more likely to have this issue.

While this may take a long time to have a complex windshield problem, neglecting it may cause more severe issues that can be detrimental to the car’s structure and the safety of the driver and passengers.

5. It Becomes Brittle

The windshield, although naturally fragile, becomes more brittle over time. Tempered windshields are also more breakable than laminated types. If the windscreen reaches its five-year mark, it will more likely become more fragile because of its decreasing quality.

6. It Produces A Whooshing Sound

Cracks, hidden or evident, can produce a whistling sound when the car is at high speed. If the car was installed, you might need to fix it through an auto supplier. If the windshield is already old, you may need a new installation.

7. It Shows Discoloration

If yellow and white spots appear on your windshield even after you wash them, you must consider replacing them soon. The discoloration means that too much radiation has already damaged the windshield.

8. Its Edges Have Water Leaks

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Water leaks through the windshield’s edges, meaning these portions are damaged. While these can be prevented by applying an adhesive, day-to-day driving may still cause the spread of the damage. Hence, a replacement might be the most appropriate solution.

Wrapping Up

Windshields are vital in keeping drivers and passengers safe and protected against stones, heavy rain, and flying debris. If you suspect that your damage needs replacement, don’t overlook it and have it checked immediately.

Furthermore, consider the various signs of damage to look for, as discussed above. For more ideas, reach out to seasoned drivers and auto glass suppliers. Apart from their insights, they also provide ways to keep the windshields durable over time.