What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Truck Bed Liner

Owning a recreational vehicle or pickup truck is advantageous as it can be a temporary home or a utility vehicle. Truck owners usually outfit their vehicles with different amenities to suit their needs. The truck may have all the bells and whistles, but if it’s not correctly maintained, the vehicle will not be of service to its owner.

A truck is a versatile vehicle. It may be a regular mode of transport or used for towing and hauling activities when needed. Thus, it needs regular maintenance. One of the things you should do to protect your vehicle is to have a bed liner. It’s a sure way to protect your cargo and the truck bed from dents and scratches.


Types of bed liners

If you’re thinking of protecting your truck bed, there are two types of liners available — spray-on liners and drop-in liners. These liners make your truck bed surface dent-proof and skid-proof. It is easier to install and remove a drop-in liner.

Applying a spray-on truck bed liner needs some prep work, but it gives you almost permanent protection. It does suffer from wear and tears over time, but you can repair it.

Things to consider before you choose a truck liner

While you want to provide the best protection for your truck to make it last longer, each type has its set of advantages and disadvantages, including cost and longevity. Here are some factors to consider that will help you decide on choosing the right truck liner.



The liner material you choose depends on the work you do use your truck. It would help if you understood that the bed liner you install in your vehicle is affected by the work you do with the vehicle. A durable rubber or wood bed liner is a better solution if you use your truck to haul heavy cargo. If you carry and transport fragile and breakable items, you need a spray-on liner such as Durabak Company to prevent things from moving around and bumping into each other, which can lead to breakage.


Cost is another consideration when you’re choosing a truck bed liner. The price depends on where you buy the material, as well as the size and material composition of the liner. If you’re short on budget, you may opt for a cheaper liner, such as a bed mat or bed rug that will protect the floor, while a drop-in liner will protect the tailgate and walls. Other coatings are more expensive, such as spray-on liners, but you should consider it an investment that will pay for itself.


If you’re loading your truck often with heavy loads, the condition will deteriorate faster than normal. If there is no bed lining, you’ll soon see signs of aging, such as scratches, dents, and corrosion. It is easy to repair these signs of wear and tear with a spray-on liner, which can cover almost all areas. Plus, a spray-on liner will restore the beauty and strengthen some of the weak areas.


Type of liner you want

Your choice of a bed liner will depend on whether you want a removable or permanent liner. A bed mat is the easiest to use and remove. On the other hand, a bed rug is reasonably easy to remove and replace, although if it is stretched to fit the bed of your truck, putting it back could be challenging. If you want permanence, the best choice is a spray-on liner.

Items you regularly put in

Protecting it is the primary reason why you install a bed liner. It is, therefore, vital to consider what items you will put in regularly. If you often load your truck with building materials and toolboxes, a mat or rug is ideal. A drop-in liner is another good choice.

But if your usual load consists of products with harsh chemicals, such as thinners, paints or pool cleaning supplies, your best option is a spray-on liner, which creates a permanent layer of protection that will not allow any type of liquid to seep through the liner and onto the surface.

Weather protection

Where you reside also helps you make the right choice. In areas where the weather is not much of an issue, a drop-in liner will give you the kind of protection you need. If you’re in a location that does not receive much rain annually, you can opt for a bedroom rug or mat, since you can protect your truck bed from sun and heat effectively without investing too much. It is also easier to replace them.

If you are willing to invest because you want all-weather protection for your truck bed that doesn’t have a cover, choose a spray-on liner. This type of bed liner is waterproof and useful in areas that get plenty of sun, rain, and snow.


Texture and maintenance

The last factor to consider is the texture and maintenance of the liner. The texture determines the movement of the things you put into the truck. Choose the coating with the surface that will not affect how you use your vehicle. The liner should have the texture that helps you load and unload the cargo smoothly. A liner with a smooth texture allows items to glide easily when loading and unloading them. If items you typically carry should not move about, choose a liner with a rougher texture that will provide traction to prevent collusion. Moreover, you should be able to clean and dry the liner quickly.

See to it that you know the truck liner’s features that will complement the way you use it. The truck bed liner depends on the factors we’ve listed here. The coating should protect your vehicle and the materials and goods that you load into it.