What Does Halogen, HID, Xenon and LED Bulb Means?

Would you know that the world’s first electric headlamp was invented by the Electric Vehicle Company located in Connecticut, United States, and has been powered by an electric car in the year 1898? Since that time, there were significant improvements in the sort of headlights as well as its functionality.

If you happen to push in the evening and see a pair of fuzzy yellow-colored headlights approaching in the opposite direction of the road then you’ve most likely encountered an older classic. Such headlights employ a century-old tungsten filament technology which is less commonly used by today’s automobile manufacturers.

If you see incoming glowing blue/white headlamp, odds are it comes from a luxury Mercedes or BMW cruising past you at lightning speed. Such vehicles are factory fitted with HID or High-Intensity Discharge lamps or better-called Xenon lights. Xenon headlamps are known to burn more than conventional headlamps given the same voltage/wattage consumption and consequently its popularity.


It is clear that the glowing white/blue lighting gives the driver better visibility when on the street and headlamp makers are quick to acknowledge the growing demand for those headlights. Many people have converted their headlamps by shifting to xenon bulbs which could be self-installed readily. There are various brands and makes available on the marketplace these days simply by surfing through the internet.

Before you opt to modify, Inspect your present headlamps firstly. If your car is fitted with all the original headlamps, the primary thing you should find out is that if it’s using different bulbs for the large beam dip the large beam. In addition, there are vehicles that use a single bulb for both higher and drive beam. One bulb which will perform dip and higher beam function normally have two filaments within the bulb. Once you turn on your headlamp, the dip beam filament will always remain lit and proceeds to remain lit after the beam is switched on. Headlamps that use one bulb using two filaments can easily be identified once you take it outside because of its 3-pin connection.

On the flip side, a headlamp which uses different high beam bulb has a single pin connection while its low beam counterpart has a two-pin connection.

Next, assess the first manufacturer specification as there are other bulb manufacturers that don’t conform to the above pin connection specification. But, you will find that nearly 90 percent of auto bulb manufacturer conforms to the preceding pin specification.

Prior to the prevalence of HID, many autos have switched from the standard tungsten bulbs to Halogen. Although the functionality remains the same, Halogen gives off white light with the thinner filament. The advantage of thinner filament is the fact that it gives off a more glowing light. With thinner filament, however, it tends to burns easily and to overcome this issue, manufacturers have managed to boost its lifespan by integrating halogen gas within the filament, hence the name halogen bulb.


The constant development in headlights technology has ever focused on brighter and longer-lasting bulbs that use the least quantity of energy. The brightest bulb is not always the most useful as it produces glare that can temporarily blind drivers approaching from the opposite direction of this street. The popularity of HID bulbs was due to its brightness and attractive white or blue lights produced. However, be certain to fork out more for HID bulbs if you intend on investing in such headlights.

The most recent headlamp technology is focusing on LED bulbs or Light Emitting Diodes. The advantage of LED Headlight bulbs over other existing bulbs is the much superior lifespan and durability. It is well documented that a number of those LED’s produced in the 1970s and 1980s are still in operation today. Using LED for tail lamps, brake lights and interior lighting has been rather common but restricted for front headlight due to the high price factor of producing it to match natural daylight color. About How to choose the best-LED headlight bulbs for the car, Visiting here

When you plan to buy your car, you shouldn’t ever be curious about numerous things. The headlights, especially, are most likely the very last thing you will consider replacing. Not because they become dim to a poorly lit road or whether they don’t pop up whenever they’re supposed to.

It all comprises a lifetime and will gradually wear out. But, with respect to LED headlights, the avoidance is far better than cure. Should you invest extra time monitoring the LED headlights kit, then you are going to receive something which will supply you with additional lights and continue –more until you may consider a headlight replacement once more. During this guide, you’ll come across a buyer’s guide about the best way best to obtain the great one from Amazon.


Let us be fair. We have most had that instant of after night terror when we see a person within our rear-view mirror using glowing white/blue lights pointed forward. HID (high-intensity release ) lights, but not just supply some of the furthest accessible visibility at a headlight; however, they comprise a clearly”trendy” radiance instead of the warm colors exuded by the projector and regular ray halogen headlights.

Halogen headlights are a couple of the very aesthetically-appealing choices on the market. Quite rarely conventional, halo headlights encircle a projector beam using a halo of lighting to make a car’s headlights appear, such as eyes. In practice, they also include very little light into the entire projection, and so are primarily appreciated for her or his stylish and stylish look.


LED Headlights are some of the most inexpensive bulbs out there. They are also a number of the latest to look, and a few of the very attractive. Featuring a more focused and uniform look than other types of pajamas, LED can be used in shapes aside from a bulb. This flexibility has enabled some of the trendiest headlight and taillight fashions to pop up within the previous 5 — 10 decades.

LED also operate cooler than any other headlight technologies, meaning that they continue longer.