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What Color Wheels Go With Silver Color Car? (Pictures attached)

The painted outcome of our car is mostly a direct product of our emotions, choices and preferences. Some prefer to dress up their metallic buddies in bold shades like the vibrant red. Some others go for colors as sophisticated, classy and neutral as silver.

“Some”, however, may be an inaccurate term to describe the masses that go for silver. In the US, 23% of car owners choose the color as their preferred paint. Therefore, it is quite the celebrity in the car world. Why? Well, why not? It requires less maintenance, reflects light like a pro, keeping the interior cool, and looks chic.  

If the outfit of your car is silver, what about the shoes? Silver can rock most of the colors in the palette when it comes to wheels. Most, however, doesn’t mean all; there can still be some bad choices. Here are the best ones.

1. Gunmetal

Gunmetal can rock nearly all colors, especially greyscale shades, including silver. It can blend in well with the timeless aura that goes with the neutral shade. While portraying an aggressive stance, the color can still manage the ritzy market well.

Silver car with Gunmetal rims- @bakerscustomdetail
Silver car with Gunmetal rims- @tibcu.r32_svk

For the finish, painting the wheel in the classic way would work as well. A nice satiny look would be great too. This combination is so much sought after that we had to answer the question Silver Car, Gunmetal Rims (Wheels) – Do they look good? in an entire dedicated post.

For regular maintenance, wheel soap and water will do the trick. The extent of your care will also depend on the finish you apply. Be careful, however, that you do not use anything acidic or abrasive. 

Does your car give off the glamorous, pristine vibe? Maybe it supports a sporty or muscular I-shouldn’t-be-messed-with kind of shape? These hints should mark your choice of finish, maintenance and color.

Gunmetal wheel recommendation: Enkei EKM3 Gunmetal

Enkei EKM3 is just another piece of art, designed and decorated to perfection by Enkei. Are we surprised it made it to the list? No, because Enkei wheels tend to lure you by their looks and hook you up with their performance.

Stiffness, the weight factor and strength are what wheels you to the top in this industry. And Enkei EMK3 left no crumbs around while eating these qualities. Using the most advanced technology (MAT), they managed to shave away any last gram of weight they possible could.

The gunmetal paint with the bold and aggressive 20-spoke pattern will make your silver metallic partner a visual. Based off a high-quality aluminum, fitment is no issue here either, as these are available in a variety of sizes.

You can delve into further detail of this wheel if you intend to buy it by reading our dedicated review of Enkei EKM3.

2. Gold

Gold makes for one of the more controversial shades. Two hues of precious metals, the blend might be remarkably pleasing or trashy, depending on your taste. We like the bold look and how gold can stand out, adding a dynamic sense to neutral silver. 

I mean, just take a look at this jaw-dropping Porsche:

Silver car with Gold rims- @pedalhappytaj
Silver car with Gold rims-

With a matte finishing extinguishing the clash just a bit, gold has the potential to suit the flash of silver. However, it would require a bit of extra care, especially if you are going with matte in tow. 

Maintenance would require regular cleaning with the classic soap and water. For more nasty substances, such as road grime, use chemicals. But make sure they involve nothing too acidic, basic or abrasive. Also, sealants can help a great deal.

In a world of over-the-top and brash gold wheels, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right one so we recommended you one to help you out.

Gold wheel recommendation: Enkei RPF Gold Wheel

Enkei RPF1 entered as an enigmatic addition to the wheel world. Not only does it have a classic design, but also is a beast when it comes to performance. The six-spokes design adds minimalist beauty, with a tint of aggression to its posture. 

Moreover, it does exceptionally well when it comes to performance. One of the key features would be weight. Weighing only 18.2 pounds for 18×9.5″, the wheel is incredibly lightweight. 

And this is due to the MAT (Most Advanced Technology), which keeps you from robbing a bank while delivering an optimal experience. Additionally, it is a pro at intense riding.

The painted gold can go well with the silver of your car, an attractive clash. It can act as an anaesthetic for the neutral tone of silver. Moreover, it is available in a variety of sizes, offsets and bolt patterns. This wheel, however, is a bit on the pricier side.

3. Silver

Silver wheels on a silver car will be an easy-going yet classic combination. As a matter of statistics, it is quite a famous medley. Even though some might feel like the assortment is mundane, many think these click.

And we agree with the latter opinion. This blend might not be the choice for all. However, silver wheels with silver cars make for one classy duo. Moreover, with a polished finish, they can offer an unmatched glint and a professional flash. Check out this magnificent example:

Silver wheels on a Silver car- @audiocityusa
Silver wheels on a Silver car- @levi_carphotography

Regular cleaning is a must, especially if you are concerned about boosting their longevity. Moreover, depending upon the finish, you can put the chemical products to use, making sure that they aren’t incredibly excessive in terms of acidity etc.

Silver wheel recommendation: American Racing Hot Rod Torq Thrust II VN515

The 5-spoke pattern Torq Thrust II VN515 screams hot-rod yet gives off an elegant feel. Additionally you get the rich history and brand reputation of American Racing.

Being lightweight, the construction of the wheels proves durable against all odds because chrome/silver finishes are not exactly known for holding on. Moving towards the lovely finish, the polished surface of the wheels combined with the silver of your car will make for perfect soulmates.

Also, the wheels accompany a lifetime structural warranty. Moreover, the price doesn’t position black holes in your pockets. All the specs are clustered in an appropriately priced package. It is advised that you redo the coat every once in a while to keep the luster alive.

We have similar yet equally in-depth guides with visual cues for other colored vehicles like:

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