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What Color Wheels Go With Grey Car? (Pictures Attached)

If you own a grey car, it’s fair to assume that it reeks elegance and stability. Buying a grey vehicle is more of a mature decision for most people but man, does it look classy.

Some people prefer the calm and composed yet powerful aura native to grey, and the slightly reduced need for maintenance. 

An impeccable selection of wheels can further enhance that. Grey is a neutral shade, and it is safe to assume that you will not have to think hard to choose a suitable color.

However, the flexibility does not mean you get to set yourself loose. So the real question is, what color wheel rims go best with grey cars? We have recommended three suitable colors; matte black, grey and hypersilver.

1. Matte Black

There is something undeniably cool about matte black that always leaves the observer in awe. After all, black is the hot shade that can add an imperial yet aggressive look to a car.

Matte black wheel rims are sure to add “the” touch of style to your car, complimenting the darker tint of grey. I think this is possibly the best color to choose for a grey car’s shoes. Here’s some visual proof:

Black rims on a Grey car- @b3330bc
Black rims on a Grey car- @m2c_sapphireblack

Black wheels do no disrupt the calmness of grey like some other vivid colors do. They will only add a sense of decency and class to your vehicle.

Black wheel recommendation ENKEI EDR9


  • One piece design
  • Lightweight
  • Great looks
  • Excellent handling


  • Cast construction

When it comes to matte black wheels, Enkei EDR9 takes the lead. EDR9 is a part of the performance series by Enkei. It features a 9-spoke design which is a slightly uncommon spoke count.

Furthermore, it is SPEC-E tested, which means it has been passed through rigorous testing. Therefore, we consider the product safe for you to drive on the road in any manner you like.

There is absolutely no chink in the armor when it comes to durability and finish which makes it a perfect all-rounder to go with. Although it has a cast construction, the wheel is a solid one piece design that adds rigidity.

It is also one of the more affordable options provided by Enkei and it simply blows out its competition in terms of value. You can safely assume that you will not find a better performing and better looking wheel in the $150 category.

You also might want to check out our dedicated review of this wheel if you intend to buy it.

2. Grey

Aftermarket grey wheel rims are more than just a way to stand out from the crowd. In a world full of contrasting options, monotony is sometimes, the answer. Grey wheels on a grey car, sleek, stylish, and durable, your car will be the envy of all your friends.

For some, this combination might sound dull and exceptionally ordinary, but I deem it to be the pinnacle of classiness. Have a look and decide for yourselves:

Grey rims on a Grey car- @jdm_passioncars
Grey rims on a Grey car- @eurocarsyd

Grey rims can be custom-made, painted, or store-bought. Cleaning grey wheels are pretty basic compared to other custom-painted wheels; soap and water would suffice. You can also use a pressure washer or a slightly acidic product.

Grey wheel recommendation: Motegi Racing MR147


  • Flow form construction
  • Lightweight
  • Great looks


  • Pricy

Motegi Racing MR147 boasts a quite unique split 7 spoke design that not only is striking but also manages to, somehow, make the wheel appear bigger than it is. The design is unconventional but not very revolting.

Interestingly, the gunmetal finish on this one is a bit different than what most brands offer. It is a bit darker and does not get dull over time like most other satin finishes.

The construction is both lightweight and durable as Flow Form technology has been utilized in the process. This is evidently much superior to the cast method used for most wheels available today.

It is available in 17 and 18 diameters and widths from 8 to 9.5 inches. A variety of bolt patterns and four different offsets ensure that you find something that fits your vehicle perfectly.

The price is a bit higher than it should be, in my opinion. Sure, Motegi has not cut any corners in the construction but you may not be able to justify the price in the presence of more competitively priced alternatives.

3. Hypersilver

Hyper Silver is a rather unorthodox paint for wheels. With a light base coat and a translucent outer color, it gives your wheels a smoky and shiny outlook, making it nearly impossible not to observe.

Hypersilver wheels will provide you the radiance your grey car needs. Grey cars, in general, scream business from every stroke of paint. And hyper silver will support its mission perfectly. A few visual cues to help you decide:

Silver rims on a Grey car- @audiocityusa
Silver rims on a Grey car- @a911inparis

Hypersilver wheels can be a tad on the expensive side, so you should compare prices before deciding to invest in them. However, if you’ve got a free extra bucks stored away, try this shade, and your car will thank you for it.

Hypersilver wheel recommendation: Enkei Raijin


  • Extremely capable
  • Head turning looks
  • Popular and time tested


  • Pricy

The Raijin is a part of the tuning series from Enkei, and it features a 14-spoke construction design. It features MAT technology and rim-rolled technology that expands the material without putting strength at risk, thus giving you an incredibly lightweight wheel. 

Raijin is also SPEC-E inspected. With these features protecting the wheel’s back, we have the hyper silver color to make the front eye candy. One might argue that these wheels are more of a performance upgrade than an aesthetic one.

To get all the performance, strength, design, and finish durability, you have to spend around 270$ for an 18×8.5 wheel at Amazon. This is higher than most of its alternatives, but then the alternatives are not Raijin.

I think this minor inconvenience can be overlooked because there are few wheels in the whole world which can rival its lethal combination of performance and aesthetics.

If you have a different colored car, you can check out my other color guides like:

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