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Welcome to “Special Big Scale” Collection – Retro and Classic Car Models

Companies trade different classic car prototypes and kits for civilians, as well as for the military models. A popular category under the civilian models is the retro category for vintage models. These companies assemble these classic cars and style them with a lovely vintage touch. Designs date back to the early 20s.

Vintage models generally come in two kinds – you either get the ready-to-drive (assembled and painted) models or go for the parts or kits of the car. These models have a unique, big scale, and that’s why they are also commonly called the “Special Big Scale (SBS).” If you need classic car models, visit here.

This category of vintage cars come in two big scales, which are the 1:8 scale and the smaller 1:10 scale model cars. Classic model car kits and vintage car model kits make up the first scale model cars. With the company above, you can get the following services:

  • Production models in different variants
  • Affordable complete designing and production of new stereotypes
  • Metal models from resin materials
  • Ready-to-paint kits with a maximum of two hundred pieces

Large Scale Model Cars

Large scale model cars come in two options – the vintage model car kits and the prototype that is already finished and painted. For the latter model, you have to wait for a production period of around four weeks. However, if you want the car kits takes just two weeks. Regarding the scale, know that most large-scale model cars you will see are the 1:8 scale model cars.

1:10 Scale Model Cars – Auburn 851 Speedster 1935

This smaller-scale category of vintage models is relatively rare compared to the 1:8 model. From the company mentioned above, for instance, only one model of this scale is available, and that’s the American, beautiful pre-war sports car, Auburn 851 speedster 1935. If you place an order for this finished prototype, it ships in four weeks.

On the other hand, the unassembled car kits only take two weeks to get shipped. With the kit, you can get custom models based on the colors and style you want for your prototype. The other large-scale model cars and kits in their inventory fall under the 1:8 scale category.


Larger scale model car categories are relatively more expensive than their smaller counterparts. However, from every pointer, they offer excellent value for money given that they have detailed finishes, sizes, and materials from which they are made. They are made to meet the highest standards and quality. Car model kits cost around half the price of the cost of the ready-made prototypes.


Some companies offer free shipping of vintage models and kits. Wespe Models ships free to buyers in the EU, for all of their vintage models. EU countries also enjoy transportation services from the company; however, non-EU nations have to contact either the company or their courier to learn about their shipping options. Kindly note that the delivery date of your order might be affected by the services of the courier whose services you make use of.




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