How To Find Used Engines For Sale in the USA – 2020 Guide 

Are you on the market for a used car engine? Engines aren’t that hard to find in the USA, well that depends on what type of car you have. But generally speaking, there are lots of places you can find one and for a very affordable price.

The important thing to take from all this is how operational the unit is. It’s safe to say that used engines might not be in the best of condition. But that can all be taken care of by doing the proper inspections prior to purchasing it.

Generally speaking, that won’t be an issue. Since cars regularly go bust, the engine might well be fully functional and operational with no external or internal issues what so ever.

So, with all that said, let’s take a look at how to find used engines for sale in the USA.

Vehicle Auctions

Vehicle auctions are great places to find used engines, but they aren’t for everyone. As you might imagine, these are events held at certain locations where people go and bid for engines.

For some, this might be the perfect way of purchasing a used engine, but for others a waste of time. Why is that? Well, for starters, you have to get there.

These are usually held at open locations that can hold a large crowd. As you might imagine, the perfect for such events might be on the outskirts of the city. So if you don’t have a fully functional vehicle to get there, you might have a hard time on your hands.

Secondly, these events attract huge crowds and people find it difficult to cope with the chaotic environment. It’s like being around a good day at the stock market. Everyone shouts laughs, screams, it’s chaotic!

Thirdly, who knows what type of engine you’ll find. These events have certain vehicles on display, so they’ll be auctioning only the parts of those vehicles.

Unless you happened to know exactly what vehicle is being sold, you might be going there only to waste your time.

Your Local Junkyard

A local junkyard is always a sound option when needing to find a used car engine. For many people, this is the first place to visit and one that gives them a huge chance to find their desired model.

Junkyards operate by scrapping vehicle parts and selling them to whoever comes in need of them. And a lot of people go there to buy used car engines.

These people make it their bread and butter to repair and sell off any parts deemed worthy. And you’ll be surprised to see the amount of professionalism from their part.

In most cases, you’ll find a used engine is perfect condition.

Online Sellers

If the prospect of buying from a junkyard isn’t too appealing, then how about finding a seller on the World Wide Web?

This is the first option for many people. They simply go online, type in used car engines on Google and they’re given a huge variety of options to choose from.

Bear in mind that you’ll be dealing with all kinds of people online. It might be a great option in terms of availability, but you still have to meet the person that sells used car engines.

With all that said, online sellers are generally quite affordable. Chances are you won’t have any problems dealing with an online seller.

Also, some make their money by owning a business that specializes in selling used engines. If you do manage to find one of these, then their website is a great resource that can help you determine whether or not they have that particular unit.

Anyone of these companies, such as, is a great option for finding a used engine for sale.

Online Auctions

These are quite similar to vehicle auctions, with the main difference being that they’re online.

The plus side is that you can find a pretty nice car to buy. The downside is that you’re going to have to buy a whole car.

But all jokes aside, online auctions are generally “attended” by people that are in need of specific vehicle parts, such as the engine. The vehicles are generally in drivable condition and that means the engine will be fully operational.

But there are also vehicles that have been in accidents. That doesn’t mean the vehicle is in a drivable position, but that also doesn’t mean the engine is the problem.

Vehicles can end up rear-ended so the engine will be in perfect condition despite the car not being drivable.

Again, the same as attending a vehicle auction, you will need to see it for yourself to make sure the part is good. But to help out those that are bidding, you might stumble upon a live feed where they display the cars and show the “attendees” that the car does indeed drive.

And same as a vehicle auction, you have no idea whether or not you’re wasting your time. Some are highly professional and they display all the vehicles they’re selling.

This can save you a lot of time in pointless sitting and waiting for the desired vehicle to show up.

Before buying any sort of part, let alone an engine, you should make sure that the particular part is compatible with your vehicle. That is why it’s recommended that you always have someone with you that knows their way around an engine.

This will not only save you time, but it will also save you money in the case of making a wrong purchase.


It’s safe to say that there are plenty of options when it comes to finding a used car engine. From the widely available junkyards and scrapyards to vehicle auction houses and their online counterparts, your choices are plenty and many.

All that it takes is for you to do your research and make sure that the particular engine is compatible with your vehicle. Don’t make the hasty mistake of buying a unit that doesn’t work nor fit in your car.