Can You Use Your Roadside Assistance For Someone Else – 2024 Guide

When you are travelling in a car of your own or with anyone of your know, many issues can arrive to disrupt the smooth journey. These issues can be anything from the following and apart from these two.

  • The tyre is going flat in the middle of the road.
  • An electrical fault in the car while functioning.
  • Occurrence of minor or major defects of mechanical nature.
  • Major or minor disruptions of other nature can harm the car’s functioning in the middle of the road.

All this becomes more problematic when you are in unknown territory. Things can be better if you face such issues with your car, as you can use roadside assistance. But, the problem deepens when the vehicle belongs to someone else, and the question arises whether you can use roadside assistance in that case or not.

Applicability Of Roadside Assistance

RSA, which is commonly known as roadside assistance. It works as a relief for your car. Your car may break down, and you need some help in the middle of your journey. However, you should not expect that using your assistance for someone else won’t be possible. However, there are alternatives in the form of such assistance for you. You can consider roadside assistance from trusted and experienced service providers like AJStowing.

Many car insurance companies can help you with roadside assistance. They offer protection and become a comprehensive part of the insurance policy. There are exclusive add-ons that can be a part of the policy, and as a policy owner, you have the discretion to choose the ones you want to be a part of your scheme.

Inclusions In Roadside Assistance

While signing up for such assistance, you should know the inclusions that are discussed as follows:

1.  Breakdown In The Vehicle Of Different Nature

The first issue covered under such assistance is a vehicle breakdown due to mechanical and electrical reasons. Hence, if you have a broken vehicle due to these issues at your home or anywhere during the journey on the road. No, the person who is the insurer will have to arrange for a professional who will help in repairing the vehicle as required. You should ensure that the repair happens at the place where the breakdown of the vehicle has happened. The repairs professional should provide proper assistance to the owner from the stage of beginning the vehicle with a battery push to others like the following:

  • Replacement of the tyre of the vehicle on the requirement.
  • Repair of mechanical or electrical wiring and parts of the vehicle.

You can check if vehicle pickup and delivery are available to the nearest location if different from the exact one. Also, you should ensure the availability of spare keys in such cases.

2.  Fuel Delivery

Sometimes, you can look for roadside assistance if everything is fine and still. It can happen when your vehicle runs out of fuel. So, you can seek fuel help. However, the maximum amount allowed in this case is 5 liters. Also, the policy term needs to be cross-checked to gain assurance regarding the amount of diesel or petrol needed by the vehicle.

3.  Towing In Case Of Breakdown

It is the foremost important feature offered by assistance. When there is a collision or any accident on the road, including the insured vehicle, towing needs to come into the picture. If the company can arrange for it, it would be the best. You can look for other sources if this service is not included. It would help if you tried to get the vehicle placed in the nearest garage in the least possible time.

4.  Stay In A Hotel

Sometimes, you can turn to the service providers to arrange a vehicle for you so that you can reach a hotel that is situated within the vicinity. You can stay there until the vehicle has broken down in the middle of the road, so you are not harassed further. You can rest here till the repairs are completed. However, you should pay for the accommodation costs as that is not a part of the assistance plan.

5.  Coordination In The Medical Field

Sometimes, the cases on the road can raise alarming medical requirements. There are two things that you should cater to. First, you need to check for the vehicle’s immobilization. The second thing is the medical need. In both cases, you should reach out to the insurance provider. Once you become the policyholder, you will be liable to pay the bills if you seek medical services in such cases.

6. Delivering The Vehicle After Necessary Repairs Are Completed

Repairs are necessary in roadside breakdown cases, but will you need to pick up the vehicle from the repair shop by yourself?

Probably not!

But, if you have roadside assistance at your doorstep, you should reach out to the officials. They will deliver it when you are out on tour or cannot get it back from repairs.

7. Assistance In Case Of Urgency Or Other Issues

Sometimes, there can be urgent situations that need professional help. If there is a need, such professionals will reach out to your location whenever there is an emergency. They will accompany the equipment that will help them come out of this urgency.

Important Exclusions That You Should Know About

However, there are some exclusions that you should know. If you fall in this category, the assistance tendency will reduce. They are as follows:

  • If the car is indulging in any illegal activities.
  • The driving activity should be within the manual that has been prescribed.
  • The repair should be done after getting permission from the insurer.
  • The claim won’t be allowed if there is any issue with the driver, like if he is driving in a drunken state.
  • The validity of the driving license is a must in all cases.


Hence, there are many do’s and don’ts regarding roadside assistance that you should know about. You should cater to all while trying to get your hands on the kind of assistance you need.

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