US Most Popular Pickups of All Time

While pickup trucks have been used as workhorses since the first vehicle of that kind has been produced, their role in recent years has changed. They have become a lot more luxurious, and they are used as regular cars on a daily basis, plus they can go off-road wherever and whenever you like. With 2018 well underway, let’s check out which are the most popular pickup trucks in the US.

8. Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the vehicle you don’t want to mess around with. Blue Oval refreshed it for this year, and all you have to do is go to your nearest car dealer to get the new model. This year, just like the last one, will be successful for Ford F-150, and it is supposed to remain America’s most famous and best-selling pickup title.

7. Ford F-Series

Ford wasn’t a serious pickup truck manufacturer until the late 1970s, but despite that, some of the models which were on sale before that period managed to become iconic vehicles. Classic Ford Trucks were always popular, especially in the states of New Hampshire, Idaho, Utah, West Virginia and Washington.

6. GMC Trucks

Ford has been the leader in the pickup market in the States for a while and to beat them, GMC and Chevy need to join forces. One of the favorite vehicles in America is definitely the ongoing GMC Sierra, whereas GMC Trucks, in general, used to be a common sight on the roads of Colorado, Mississippi, Kansas, New Mexico and Wyoming. With the average model year being 1967, we can say that there are a lot of vintage vehicles on the streets.

5. Chevy Trucks

As we have already mentioned, Chevrolet and GMC trucks have been brothers since the early days. And just like the GMC’s models, Chevrolet’s pickups have been popular in the states of Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, and Mississippi. Currently, their best selling model is the Silverado.

4. Jeep

While Jeep is not present in the pickup race, there are some classic trucks that we need to mention. It may be logical that these classics are popular in the states of Colorado, Utah or California, but you will not find too many examples of Jeep vintage trucks in these states. Instead, the highest concentration of Jeep classics is in Vermont. Yep.

3. Toyota Truck

There was a surge of import cars, and the Americans found them to be better than the domestic vehicles, especially the models sourced from Japan. While today, you have a global market, it wasn’t like that back in the 1980s, and the imports couldn’t be found in any US state. Surprisingly enough, today the Toyota Truck a.k.a. The Hilux is the most popular classic truck in Michigan! Speaking of irony…

2. Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a popular truck among the adventurers because it can take on any road and terrain you can think of, but it cannot come close to the US pickups. However, in one state, the Tacoma is attractive to buyers, and that is Hawaii. Thanks to Tacoma’s reliability and the compact size is what draws people to buy this car, which is just perfect for this tropical paradise.

1. Dodge Trucks

Although Ram 1500 is the third most popular truck in the states, it is a popular car throughout America. However, unlike other models you can find on the list, the Ram 1500 fails to claim the first position in any of the US 50 states. Hopefully, the situation will improve for this truck in the near future, but we need to mention some of its ancestors, which fared slightly better and their popularity is soaring in Montana. The collectors from this state prefer the models that are made in the 1960s.

What are your favorite models on the list?

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