6 Interesting Ways To Upgrade Your RV

RV is known for its top-quality comfort and convenience. That’s why many people prefer to use it for long travel and road adventures. But like any vehicle, it is also vulnerable to wear and tear. You might also need to make some improvements now and then to extend its life and enhance your RV experience.

But with wide-ranging options of gadgets and add-ons, it can be puzzling which ones you should invest in. Although it’s often the needs that are considered when upgrading, it wouldn’t hurt to look at other factors as well. Some owners usually decide to upgrade their rig because something went wrong.

Customizing your trailer or motorhome doesn’t always have to be a frustrating task. Thus, we’ve highlighted some interesting ways for you to upgrade your RV.

Reorganize Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of any home, including the ones on wheels, so it would make sense if you consider making improvements in this particular area. Though every RV is equipped with a kitchen, not all have wonderful amenities. It depends on what class it belongs to.

Whether you need to change the countertop, fridge, sink, stoves, or any kitchen appliance, one of the essential factors you might have to keep in mind is the limited space. If you want to make the cooking experience easier and better, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money.

A fresh paint job and space-saving storage containers can already do the trick. You can also utilize collapsible utensils and an all-in-one cooking device. If your trailer doesn’t have an outdoor kitchen, it can be an excellent makeover. You wouldn’t want to miss the experience of grilling out when the weather is good and warm.

Utilize Multi-Functional Interiors


No matter how big your motorhome is, space would still be limited. If you don’t want to experience discomfort due to a tiny space, there are creative saving measures that you can do. One of the common ways to optimize RV’s space is utilizing multi-functional interiors.

You can convert dinettes into beds and sofa sleepers or use furniture pieces that have multiple uses. There are incredible sofas that can be transformed into a double bed with drawers underneath that serves as storage while you can use its back as a shelf.

The good thing about multi-functional interiors is they enhance your RV’s aesthetics while at the same time giving enough space for everyone.

Add Solar Power System

One of the most popular and costly RV upgrades is the solar power system. However, it’s an investment worth making due to its several benefits. Since it’s made up of solar panels and batteries with monitoring and controlling devices, you can power more appliances and know how much energy you typically use.

With a solar power system, you can have electrical independence. There would be a different level of freedom in your travel, especially if you enjoy boondocking for a more extended period. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of energy. You can be off-the-grid while being fully powered.

A permanent installation of solar panels can be significantly costly, though. It might not be a smart move if you mostly stay in full-hookup RV parks since you have access to utility power. If that’s your case, a portable solar panel kit might be a better option.

Invest On Smart Technology

With the aid of smart technology, you can take full control of your RV’s systems from the palm of your hand. It’s already possible to remotely monitor your trailer’s indoor temperature, battery power, propane tanks, water levels, awnings, and many more.

For instance, you’re away for an outdoor adventure and unsure whether you turned the lights off. A simple touch on your smart app can already give you peace of mind because you can turn off the lights even from afar.

By using an app, you can conveniently close the awning and protect your vehicle while you are in the comfort of your bed during a storm. Even backing your motorhome into your ideal camping spot can be done by employing the auto-leveling system with your home.

If you want to easily manage almost everything in your rig, investing in smart technology can be a great idea.

Set Up A Wifi Repeater


Reliable internet is necessary for a smart RV. However, internet connections can be challenging if you’re living or traveling in an RV, which may also cause frustration at some point. That’s why setting up a wifi repeater can be an essential upgrade.

Besides that, virtual connectivity is also vital in some instances. Though you can do various indoor or outdoor activities, you might also need to connect to people online. It’s also necessary to have stable connectivity, especially if you’re working from the comfort of your motorhome. You might need to access a particular website to acquire certain services.

A wifi repeater helps you boost wifi connections that you can find in any campsite, public space, or establishments by providing you with faster internet speed. Thus, wherever you are, you’ll still have access to the world wide web.

Install RV Insulation

Like typical homes, the standard insulation in RVs is often inadequate to keep the rig cool or warm when experiencing extreme weather. Besides that, having poor insulation can cause significant damages to your RV later on.

But upgrading your RV’s insulation may provide more excellent protection from sweltering temperatures during summer and frigid air in the winter. By doing this, you can increase comfort and security in your vehicle.

There are different RV insulation types, and choosing the right one depends on your travel plans and preferences. Some insulation types are perfect in the summer but may not be an excellent choice during freezing weather.


An RV upgrade doesn’t have to make significant changes right away. You can start with simple and small makeovers until you’re able to get the result you want. What’s essential is you begin and continue to take little yet intentional steps to achieve a living space that you truly love.

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