Want To Upgrade Your Jeep? Checkout This First!

Whether you own a 4-door Rubicon or a 2-door Wrangler, it is always confusion when it comes to the up-gradation of your dear vehicle. The puzzle reaches the pick if you are a first-time owner. Eventually, your excitement slowly gets faded as you start questioning yourself what to add and how to modify and where to start. Should you start with the 9500lb winch or 4” suspension lift or spectacular steel wheel or 35” off-road tires, or Jeep Wrangler led headlight?

As a first-time owner, this confusion is normal and it happens for everybody. However, if you somehow have fundamental know-how of vehicle maintenance you will ultimately find the way out. But, in the case of first-time owners, it will take time as they need to know and understand the vehicle.

In this context, most automobile professionals never recommend the owners to visit an off-road shop and get frustrated when the technician comes up with a massive $ 20000 budget to set everything right. Professionals will always advise you to attend off-road training and get an idea to decide what to do next. So, are you on your way to training?

Eventually, the answer to this puzzle is in the question itself i.e. how many times you have plans to go off-road in a month or a year, or is it your daily drive? The answer to this question determines what should be your upgrade plan or what modification you need to do. Eventually, your daily lifestyle determines the modifications or up-gradation of your vehicle.

However, the above question and answer may not be the ultimate solution forever. Who knows, your lifestyle may change and you might need another modification. In general, here are a few essential upgrading ideas for you to choose from that fit you the best depending on your lifestyle now.

  1. Exterior accessories to begin with the modification: Adding exterior accessories aftermath the showroom of the manufacturer is essential for all new vehicles. This not only gives a new and finishing look to your Wrangler but also enhances its capabilities and efficiencies.


However, you should be the chief decision-maker to choose the accessories based on your need and taste. Your need may be to drive your wrangler as an expedition vehicle or just a pleasant trip around the city. The selection of accessories varies from person to person. The below is a list of exterior accessories as essential mods for you:

  • Consider slight lifting of your vehicle: Slightly lifting your vehicle will enhance the off-road performance of your vehicle and will look better as well. However, most people do not prefer lifting a few inches thinking that lifting gets complicated which is up to some extent is true. But an aftermarket slight lift makes the trips comfortable and gives an incredible look
  • Necessities of rock sliders: Rock sliders are essential addition you should never ignore especially when you looking for off-road driving. Rock sliders protect the rocker panel from dents and help slide over obstructions and objects while protecting the rig from damage. In addition, adding rock sliders also protects from side impacts that are caused by rocks and debris


  • The roof rack is a spectacular addition: Think of adding a spectacular roof rack that not only will protect your cargo but will practically prepare your vehicle for adventure. Besides this, a classic roof rack will give a marvelous appearance especially if it is a wrangler. You know that your Wrangler does not have adequate space for your cargo. A roof rack can accommodate many things that are required for your adventures such as mount bike, pedalboards, kayaks, and many more
  • Skid plates and body armors: These are essential accessories you need to consider for your mod to ensure protection especially in actual aggressive terrains. Body armors are useful and helpful in protecting the rear corners. Similarly, skid plates ensure protection to undercarriage from big obstructions. You can also think of tail lights that truly enhance the beauty of your vehicle
  • Doorsteps are immensely useful during an emergency: Doorsteps are inexpensive and nobody cares about these simple accessories. But they play a crucial role when you wish to fetch something from the roof rack. Doorsteps can be easily installed to the hinges of your doors and serve essentially in your trips.


  1. Upgrading bumper is inevitable:You may certainly ask why to upgrade the bumpers as your wrangler has both rears as well as front bumpers. But think of the bumpers provided by the manufacturer which are in almost all cases factory plastic bumpers. Can you anytime rely upon these bumpers even in daily protection? Forget about the protection these plastic bumpers will ensure in off-road use.

Therefore, you can choose from several aftermarket bumper brands that suit your vehicle. There are many branded products with different designs of bumpers such as Tubular, Stubby, Modular, etc.

  1. Tires are an important modification never to skip: one of the most essential modifications you must never forget is the tires of your wrangler. You need to essentially upgrade your tires based on your use or the terrains you would drive. Reflect on your lifestyle and determine how many times and where you travel most. Based on this you should upgrade your tire. You must consider massive tires if you are prone to off-road adventures.
  2. LED lights will give life to your wrangler:Think of the weak and dim factory headlights which are eventually underpowered and give you a dull sensation. So think of upgrading your vehicle with bright LED lights that will add value and life to your vehicle. You will be surprised to learn that LED lights have more power with fewer amp draw and are affordable. You can upgrade jeep wrangler led headlights from Mjsoffroad.


Upgrading or modification of your vehicle with aftermarket accessories is essential and inevitable but the list of accessories is limitless. You can ultimately take up ideas from the above list of accessories but you can still add based on your choice. Eventually, it all depends upon your preferences, requirements, and your lifestyle.