4 Treatments for Your Car That Can Make It Look Like It’s Brand New

Car maintenance doesn’t have to stop at the mechanical stuff— it is important that you maintain the physical appearance of your car as well. Most people keep up with washing their car routinely, and some may even get a new paint job to freshen up the look of their car. However, there are other cosmetic treatments that you can have done to your car to improve its appearance. You might want to check a few out! Here are four treatments that you can get for your car. Surprisingly – all of which can be done together.

1: Car Waxing


Waxing your car protects the car’s paint coating, it preserves the paint and also prevents it from chipping or the colour fading. Different things can cause the color of the car to be ruined. One thing that is most common in causing color problems to the car beauty are weather elements (snow, rain, etc.), street salt, UV rays, dust, and pollen. All of these pose a threat to your car’s paint. Waxing your car can help prevent any damage caused by these elements. Giving your car a fine finished look, waxing also smooths out and fills in any scratches that may be on your car. Waxing must be considered for an  added beautification of your car and the aforementioned things make it easy to see why someone would want to wax their car.

You can wax your car yourself or take it to a professional. This process is typically done after a full cleaning and polishing of the car. In our opinion regular waxing should be done at least twice a year (once before summer and again before winter) to keep your car feeling and looking new as ever throughout the year. However you can wax before the start of every season to keep it in an even better state. Not that you should at least thoroughly wash the exterior of your car before waxing.

2: Car Polishing


Second thing that you can do to enhance the beauty of your car is to polish it. Polishing your car is similar to waxing it with an added benefit that it improves the exterior appearance of your car by eliminating and minimizing imperfections. Car polishing is a great way to eliminate imperfections such as scratches and oxidation off of your car.  Possibly the reason why this particular step comes before waxing, fact given that you choose to wax your car before it. This treatment is usually done after buffering a car (which is another step but is not necessarily required), as the polishing liquid cleans up the buffed area.

Polishing is a part of an in-depth car detailing process because it drastically improves the appearance of the paint. These improvements include:

  • Adding gloss and shine
  • Color enhancement
  • Restoring faded paint

It is important that car polishing along with car waxing is considered for a full fledged brand new appearance of your car.

3: Car Detailing


The next possible step for beautification of your car is car detailing. Detailing a car means thoroughly cleaning both the outside and the inside of the vehicle. It is important to notice that car polishing is considered a part of car detailing. There’s no standard way of detailing. Detailing to each car or detailer is different. Detailers incorporate different methods for different cars, and the fact that some  cars may need more detailing than others. Perhaps, the general aspects of detailing are standard and require the same sort of detailing. One must thoroughly conduct research about the maintenance of the very specific car they own. It would save them a lot of time and exploitation of money for car beautification.

Exterior Detailing

One another way to make your car look like it is brand new is getting its exterior detailing done. Detailing the outside of a car usually entails washing it, going over the exterior with a clay bar to remove water marks, and then applying a sealant application that coats small scratches, leaving a shine. This process leaves your car feeling tidy from the inside and makes the passenger truly ease into the ride.

Interior Detailing

Detailing the inside of a car involves vacuuming every nook and cranny of the car, brushing and scrubbing the mats, wiping down the interior doors and windows, and finally, spraying the inside of it with a deodorizer.

4: Car Cleaning


Cleaning a car is exactly what it sounds like, though it’s not as thorough as a detailing. Cleaning the inside of your car can include vacuuming and wiping down the doors and windows, and maybe even deodorizing your car, but it’s still not usually as thorough as a detailing. On the other hand, cleaning the outside of your car can actually be done in a few different ways.

Car Washing

The majority of people are familiar with washing the outside of a car. This can be done at home with your water hose, some brushes or old rags, and car cleaning wash or shampoo. If you don’t have these materials, you can drive to your local self-service car wash or an automated car wash like WaveAutoWash.

Waterless Washing

Waterless car washing is another method for cleaning the exterior of your car that uses a special liquid to dissolve the dirt and debris on your car. After applying the liquid to your car, you simply wipe it off with a clean cloth. This is a great option for those who live in areas where water use is restricted. This allows you to stretch the length of time between car washes that use water.

No matter which cosmetic treatment you decide to use on the outside of your car, it’s important that you start with a simple cleaning or detailing of the exterior. Washing the exterior prepares your car for polishing, and polishing prepares your car for waxing. Polishing and waxing your car aren’t always necessary— and neither is detailing— but simple, routine cleanings of the exterior and interior are necessary.