Top Hacks to Upgrade Your Car Audio Cheaply

Buying a car is one of the most important investments you can make. It will bring you comfort and convenience when looking to travel long distances or when looking to snake through the city to attend important functions. However, for a car to be truly comfortable, it must have a good entertainment system. When we take about the entertainment system in a car, car audio comes to mind first. And if you’ve ever owned a car, you know that the original sound system is not always the best and you need to upgrade it to get quality sound. That being said, here are tips to upgrade your car audio.

1. Install A New Audio System

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Unless you intend to buy a high-end car, the speakers of regular cars are not always of the best quality. In fact, some of the car speakers out there are made of paper. You don’t need to get cheap speakers for your car. You can search out electronic manufacturers that sell top-quality speakers but offer coupons to make them affordable to customers. A typical example is DS 18, a popular electronics manufacturer that specializes in car audio equipment, as well as Dj equipment. The great news is that you can save a lot of money if you check out DS 18 coupons on

2. Make The Right Adjustments To Your New Sound System

Even with a brand new speaker, you can get poor quality sound if you don’t tune it up or make necessary adjustments. For instance, a lot of people want more bass in their speakers, and they think that it’s just a matter of turning up the bass. That’s not going to work unless you have a high-end audio system. In fact, you might end up over-stressing your speaker. The most effective way to tune up your speaker is to work backward. Bring the volume of the mid tones and treble down and increase the overall volume a bit.

3. Desist From Using Poor-Quality Music Files

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Experts tell us to avoid using compressed MP3s to play music in your car. They are outdated. You can download the latest quality audio files and store them in your flash drive. They have better quality sound compared to MP3 files.

4. Install An Amplifier

Once you’ve bought top quality speakers, the next step is to give them more power by connecting them to an amplifier. An amplifier allows speakers to showcase their true potential. Specifically, an amplifier brings out the details and clarity of any music.

5. Install A Subwoofer

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If you’ve listened to music with subwoofers, you know how important they are. They enhance the depth and quality of the music. Look for quality subwoofers that will go hand in hand with your good quality speakers. We recommend you to get the best 12-inch car subwoofer if you want to build a great car audio system. For more details, you can have a look at Speakers Hunter.

6. Install Sound Deadening To Your Car

Physicists will tell you that noise cancels another noise. So if you can quiet every noise that is in your car, the clearer the music will be. Use sound deadening equipment like a sound deadening mat. It’s not expensive and you can place it in a strategic place in your car. The door panel is the best area to place your sound deadening mat.

7. Change The In-Dash Radio

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In case you are driving an older car, you’ll need to change the in-dash radio to tune up your sound system. There are many good-quality and affordable options out there that can transform your car audio system. Just make sure you do your research to avoid being scammed. There are many dealers out there selling counterfeit in-dash radios and you could be a victim if you’re not careful.

8. Reenergize Your Subwoofer

If you thought the subwoofer can’t be re-energized, think again. You can actually add more juice to your subwoofer by connecting a dedicated amp to it. The dedicated amp gives it the energy to produce the right bass. If you installed your subwoofers in the trunk of your car, it’s recommended that you reduce vibrations by lining the trunk lid with a sound damping material. The most common sound damping material is Dynamat.

9. Make Necessary Adjustments To Your Phone When Playing Music Through It

Some people store music on their Smartphones and like to play them in their cars. If this statement describes you, then you’ll have to adjust your phone’s sound setting to ensure quality sound comes from your car audio system. You can fine-tune the sound further by adjusting your phone’s equalizer depending on the kind of music you’re listening to.

The awesome part about upgrading your car audio system is that you can do it your own way and on your schedule. This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your car audio system.