Top 7 Smash hit Ford Vehicles of All Time

4. Ford Mustang

Mustang is among the company’s most influential models, second only to the Model T and the big-selling F-series trucks. It was in 1964 when the vehicle was first introduced. Initially, 2 million units were sold. By 1973, another million cars were sold and since then it has never been off-sale.

Currently, this muscle car is in its sixth generation, and it offers the 5.0-litre V8 engine as the top choice. This vehicle never goes out of style and is known for its ‘pony’ style long hood. In 2017 alone almost 82,000 were shipped from factory lines reaching a total of 9.2 million units of Mustang sold since the start of the production. The new 2018 model is going to be another hit.

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