Top 5 Cars from Fast & Furious Live

Fast & Furious Live was premiered in London, and if you love cars, this is something you shouldn’t miss.

It is unlike any theater play you have seen, and there are more than 40 vehicles presented in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Selecting five which are the best is difficult, but here they come:

5. Nissan GT-R R35

Even though the Nissan GT-R R35 appears briefly in the film’s sixth installment, it got a more significant role in the live show. And thanks to that, we have seen what a beautiful car this BenSopra GT-R R35 actually is. In the show, it is the top selection for the show’s leading lady, and this model comes with RWD configuration and 100 extra ponies.

4. Ice Charger

There are eight Dodge Chargers in the Fast & Furious Live, but one caught our eye. It was the one we can see in the latest Fast and Furious film during the final act. In the show, it recreates the jump scene in the last sequence of the most recent installment.

3. LED cars

We cannot select just one LED vehicle since all four of them were outstanding, so, we will group them together. The four cars in question are the Honda S2000, Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-7. Each of these models has more than 10,000 LEDs for a spectacular show.

2. Toyota Supra Aerotop

Fast & Furious Live car boss and lead driver Chris Burns spoke of this machine: “We started out with a plain Toyota Supra. We set out to recreate that and even the paint on that car, I waited two weeks to get exactly the right paint codes. Normally people just paint it a Lamborghini orange, but it actually has a different Lamborghini color underneath it to make it pop, so it really changes in different lights. Dennis McCarthy from Vehicle Effects in LA, who builds all the cars for the movies, tells me that’s one of the very few cars that are absolutely accurate paint-wise.”

He also added: “We built that car ourselves. Some of the cars were outsourced, but we decided to keep that one in-house and build it ourselves which was great because it was a great amalgamation of everything, and we did it at the office, and it gave everyone in the office a bit of motivation because every time the guys were coming down and making a noise it was like “wow check out the Supra!””

1. Flip Car

Another intriguing creation is the Flip Car or the Ramp Car – whatever you want to call it. It is something you will not see anywhere else but in the Fast and Furious franchise, movie or live show. Chris Morena said: “It takes both hands at the same time, steering the rear axle with a joystick, and a wheel, if you go the wrong way, you’re in a wall. It does a 180 really quickly so it really took some practice and some focus; I have to think before I go out there.”

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