Top 5 Cars from Fast & Furious Live

2. Toyota Supra Aerotop

Fast & Furious Live car boss and lead driver Chris Burns spoke of this machine: “We started out with a plain Toyota Supra. We set out to recreate that and even the paint on that car, I waited two weeks to get exactly the right paint codes. Normally people just paint it a Lamborghini orange, but it actually has a different Lamborghini color underneath it to make it pop, so it really changes in different lights. Dennis McCarthy from Vehicle Effects in LA, who builds all the cars for the movies, tells me that’s one of the very few cars that are absolutely accurate paint-wise.”

He also added: “We built that car ourselves. Some of the cars were outsourced, but we decided to keep that one in-house and build it ourselves which was great because it was a great amalgamation of everything, and we did it at the office, and it gave everyone in the office a bit of motivation because every time the guys were coming down and making a noise it was like “wow check out the Supra!””

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