Top 15 Most Attractive Cars Bellow $50k

Top 15 Most Attractive Cars Bellow $50k

We have to be honest and admit that car industry is in its full swing for some time now and that we have quite a few beauties available out there. You are not maybe even aware how many handsome shapes you can acquire fresh from the showrooms without breaking $50k boundary. Here is our top 15 pick.


Alfa came back to the US with 4C model, and we would gladly introduce it to this list with its astonishing looks capable of rivaling Ferrari, only if it just had a silghtly lower price. Don’t worry, as the fresh dose of Italian elegance could be yours for $39k, as premium Giulia is traveling across the ocean with its elegant bespoke interior to the shores of the US.


A Germanic form of beauty for $44k, capable of mesmerizing every perfectionist and evoking feelings in otherwise emotionless CEOs. Laser sharp and brutally cold, yet it triggers right emotions in you. If build quality could be deemed as beauty also, it would hit highest marks.



It is small, at that is clicking the right boxes. For $34k it offers masculinity in the smallest package, making it overwhelmingly adorable to look at. It is maybe only “cute” car for boys in which they would not blush when standing alongside Boxter at the traffic light. Plus it rides as good as it looks.


Sharp and lean as shark and yours for $43k. In Gran Coupe form, BMW elegance is at its best, and nothing could pair it. Having all doors have never been more beautifully packaged, and interior doesn’t fall short in this department also.


Maybe you think we are crazy for mingling it with others on the list, but take a look at its segment rivals, and you will appreciate its clean and sleek design offered for $33k. Things are even better inside as Buick knows a bit about elegance and it showed it there.


A muscle car with most futuristic styling seen until today. It encompasses all that is good from before and mixes it with the ultimate funkiness of today. Irresistible for Need for Speed generations. Yours for just $27k.



Genuine muscle car appearance in totally retro package. The Proper choice against decades-old secondhand options swarming the adds. It asks for $28k and forgets about going outdated, this thing is like a vine, it will just get prettier with age.


Not overstyled, yet still striking. It exchanges part of the brutality for sleekness, and it suits it good. And it is best-selling sports car today so that many people couldn’t possibly be wrong. One more thing, in order to reach our $50k barrier you could buy two of them.


This is just a Japanese Alfa. Every bulge is pumped by emotions, and it hits right at the core. It is close to the limit with $40k, but it is plainly gorgeous and worth every dollar. Infinity obviously pushed its limits with this one.


Aggressive, yet elegant at the same time. F-type rear lights will leave you breathless same as overall athletic shape. It is the closest thing to coupe SUV without spoiling the headroom at the back. And it is energetic to drive as much as it looks. So, complete package for $42k.


Elegance in Korean way. And it is a good way. Pay attention to the indrawn grille and lighting coursing through the headlights. Interior follows with Kia dangerously entering a realm of sophistication. Plus the price is one of its best features as it is at just $33k.


Mazda changed the story and decided to offer properly beautiful cars, and 6 model is one of them. Kodo design language hits the right buttons and “soul in motion” fits its bespoke and uninterrupted elegance. And the price tag is quite luring as appearance is, with the bar starting from $23k.



Old school roadster, light, nimble and small. No proper rivals and yet Mazda still made sure to offer it in the attractive form. Sharp nose combined with the pure simplicity of fluid lines at the back, all packed in little body proves timeless for many. Price is $25k.


While Merc new design language amazes us day by day, one of its most beautiful samples is the C-Class coupe. It is a maximum amount of aristocracy that one car can carry and same goes for the sublime interior. This vehicle screams luxury even on the outside, while price lags behind as $44k deliver more than you expect for that sum.



This is what it looks like when Sweden try to impose itself. Remarkable Thor’s Hammer headlights, bold grille and power of simplicity. Same goes for the interior, as obviously simplicity breads ultimate sophistication. It is close to our boundary but stays under with $48k price tag.

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