Top 12 Best Cars Owned By Kardashians (2018)

It is incredible how much media attention Kardashians are getting. They are present in our homes daily, and we can see details about every segment of their lives. While you can love or hate them, there is no doubt that they are the most popular family in the world.

With all that fame comes the insane amount of money and with all that cash it is pretty easy to buy anything you like. That includes mansions and cars, the second one is the thing that we are more interested in today. Here are some of the best vehicles that are owned by Kardashians. These include models that Kim, Kylie, Khloe, Kendall, Kourtney, and others have.

12. Kim’s White Ferrari 458 Italia

We are not sure how all this fuss about Kardashians started as it was years ago, but we are certain that it had something to do with Kim, or at least with some parts of her body. Anyway, we can see her at the gas station filling up that great looking Ferrari 458 Italia and using the opportunity to show us some of that popular body.