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Top 10 WWE wrestler with impressive cars (2018)

WWE guys sure do live an impressive life whether it is in a ring, battling for the title, or in their personal lives where they can show everyone who they actually are. Whether you knew this or not, these guys earn a lot of money by doing what they do, and naturally, they have a need to spend that money on something that shows their character out of the ring as well.

When it comes to spending money, which is always easy if you have it, they spend it on anything from mansions, swimming pools, vacation homes, tennis courts to fast and unique cars that make them stand out from the rest of us. Cars are a special hobby, and most people tend to stick to that one special model or brand that has already been tried and tested while others tend to build up an awesome collection that is worth a pretty penny.

The hard-core WWE fans probably don’t care about what their stars drive, but you can’t ignore the fact that many of the wrestlers have used their cars for entrances and for transportation in between matches. For instance, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has made entrances with many of his more unique vehicles, as have the Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero. Just because of that we decided to compile this top 10 list of WWE wrestlers and their unique rides. Enjoy!

10. Randy Orton’s Hummer

Without any doubt, a Hummer always makes its driver look like he is a true baddie and it kinda fits someone that is in the wrestling business. Randy Orton‘s Hummer 2 DUB is a vehicle he actually received by the Legacy at WWE and has it ever since. The more interesting thing is that he uses it as much as possible, and he has kept it in pretty good shape.

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