Top 10 United States Car Insurance Companies in 2018

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The car insurance website conducted independent research to rank the best car insurance companies. There are many factors needed for an insurance company to be on this list. The essential ones are affordability, customer service, and the scope of coverage. Also, they asked current users what are the chances of them recommending the company to others or continue using their services.

What comes as a surprise is the fact that only two national insurance companies made it to the list. Other included in the Top 10 are all mid-size or small companies. To bring you this list, people from have gone through 39,000 customer reviews that policyholders submitted to their website. Take a look at top 10 car insurance companies.

10. American Family Insurance


This insurance company was founded in 1921. Back then it was only focused on offering insurance to farmers. Today, almost 100 years later, they provide their services in 19 federal states and have more than 8.3 million policies. gave them a score of 4.27 based on 533 reviews.

9. Geico


Geico was the most reviewed insurance company in in 2017. This is probably because of their famous talking gecko commercials. This company gets customers approval for their prices, discounts, and mobile app. gave them a score of 4.28 based on 8,670 reviews.

8. The Hartford


This company is favorite among older adults because they give discounts to AARP members. But, their most sought-after commodity is 12-month rate protection, which protects policyholders from having their rates fluctuating on a six months basis. The Hartford company is based in Connecticut for more than 200 years. gave them a score of 4.33 based on 313 reviews.

7. AAA


This company got its good reputation from membership discounts and its roadside assist. AAA policyholders have only words of praise for their car insurance. AAA’s services are available all over North America, and more than 57 million people use them. gave them a score of 4.34 based on 1,248 reviews.

6. Auto-Owners Insurance Group


This is one of the non-national companies. But even so, it offers its service in 26 states to 2.7 million policyholders. This group is based in Michigan, and its services are available only through their independent agents. gave them a score of 4.45 based on 184 reviews.

5. Erie Insurance Group


Erie Insurance Group is one of the smallest enterprises on this list. They only operate in 12 states from their base in Pennsylvania. Their most sought offer is the Erie Rate Lock feature which holds the rate steady. The only way rate changes are if you change your address or automobile. They also offer a diminishing deductible for each year you are claim free. gave them a score of 4.48 based on 516 reviews.

4. Shelter Mutual Insurance Company


This mid-size company offers different types of insurance in 18 states. The minimum coverage in Shelter Mutual includes roadside assistance and new car replacement. Also, they offer many discounts to policyholders for a chance to lower their premiums. gave them a score of 4.49 based on 142 reviews.

3. Amica Mutual Insurance Company


Amica Mutual Insurance Company is the highest rated company on this list that offers its service in the entire United States (all 50 states included). Their insurance is not limited only to eligible members. Amica is the oldest mutual car insurance company in America being founded in 1907 on Rhode Island. Their offer includes many discounts with most popular being a policy that allows customers to combine home and auto policies. gave them a score of 4.51 based on 231 reviews.



This company has national coverage, but it is an exclusive club only for military members and their families. Those that use it have a highly rated opinion on its car insurance. Anyone that is eligible for USAA should definitely sign with them. They have more than 28,000 employees. USAA’s customer service is considered one of the best in the business. gave them a score of 4.69 based on 2,131 reviews.

1. NJM Insurance Company


The top car insurance on this list is one of the smallest. NJM operates only in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. But they have received the highest rating from the reviews by their policyholders. NJM Insurance Company is renowned for fair prices and reliable handling for auto claims. gave them a score of 4.70 based on 143 reviews.

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