Top 10 Cars in Jay Z and Beyonce’s Luxury Collection (2018)

There are many power couples in Hollywood these days. Being prosperous, good-looking, and rich is good. It’s even better to have a life partner that’s just like you. One of the couples that probably stands at the top of the PC pyramid is Jay-Z and his wife, Beyonce.

This couple got officially married in 2008, but even before they got married, both were filthy rich. Now after combining their wealth, they are wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. We’re talking billions. With this kind of cash, they can buy whatever they want. And just like any other billionaires, they have invested some of that money in luxury car collection. Below you have top cars in Jay-Z’s and Beyonce ’s collection.

10. 1957 C1 Corvette


This vintage car is one of the first Corvettes ever made. It is a piece of automobile history, and one owned by Jay-Z is now a collectible item. Starting price of this vehicle was $3,176.32 back in the past when it was made. Now, if famous rapper intends to sell it, it would be priced in millions.