Top 10 Cars From Chris Brown Collection

Chris Brown was a star even before he turned 13 years old. Signing his first contract with Hitmission records and later with Jive Records his career was ready to take off. Making hist such as “Run It,” “Kiss Kiss,” and “Say Goodbye” made him an instant star. The spotlight brought him fortune and fame, and since then he had ups and downs.

We’re not going to talk about his issues with the law nor his music, but about a completely different subject. With a lot of money to spend Chris decided to make a car collection. Maybe not on purpose but when you have more than ten vehicles you are a collector. Here are best rides from Chris Brown’s garage.

10. Chevy Impala

Impala is one of Browns favorite cars. This vintage vehicle is a customized oldtimer from the 60’s with 26” Forgiato Maglia-ECL wheels. A bit over the top size but Chris doesn’t mind when he takes it for a ride with his girlfriend.