Tinting Your Windshield – Pros and Cons

You don’t want these tints to darken your windshield, but rather to protect it. Instead, they’re almost transparent films that provide a slew of advantages for both you and your vehicle. Since the benefits of windshield tinting are numerous, clients are confident that they are making a wise decision by installing it.

Window tint San Diego the most common type of windshield tinting is discussed in this blog post, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of windshield tinting in general.

Tinting Your Windshield Using Window Tint


Window tinting films come in a wide variety of styles and tint concentrations. Among them are:

The least expensive solution with some heat reduction properties is dyed window tint film.

Small metallic particles, invisible to the naked eye, work to reflect light and keep heat outside the car to a certain extent, but they can also interfere with signals from cell phones, GPS, and other radios.

Window tinting that doesn’t involve metal may block roughly 40 percent of infrared light and is efficient at keeping the car cool on a hot day with Carbon Window Tint Film.
A form of a ceramic particle that is non-conductive and non-metallic is used in Ceramic Film, which is the best quality window tint film available today.

Our preference is for IR ceramic for windshields, which gives about 80% of the visual light transmission value. Breaking down the acronyms in the last statement, let’s do that now. The rejection of infrared light is known as “IR.” A window film’s ability to block infrared light is determined by the proportion of light that is blocked by the film.

Visual Light Transmission (VLT) is the abbreviation for this. A window tint film’s visible light transmission can also be expressed as a percentage, indicating how much light can pass through the film. To put it another way, a 35% VLT indicates that only 35% of the visible light will pass through. The darker the tint, the smaller the percentage. In truth, most automakers tint a car’s windows at the factory, usually to an 80 percent visible light tint (VLT).

Window tint windshield tint is safe, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our IR ceramic film is an 80 percent VLT, virtually clear window film. You may enjoy unimpeded views from inside and out.

Insurance For Tinted Windows

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Any alterations you make to your car will have an impact on your insurance. A state or province may nullify your insurance policy if your car’s tint color isn’t approved by the state or province. Check out the tint laws before making a final decision on whether or not to apply it.

IR Ceramic Window Film’s Advantages

A relatively new product on the market, the ceramic film has already established itself to be extremely trustworthy and effective. Because it’s the best, most costly window tint film available, it’s also the most expensive. Ceramic window film, on the other hand, has so many advantages that the old saying “you get what you pay for” is particularly relevant in this case. There are numerous benefits to ceramic that outweigh the slightly greater cost. Benefits include, but are not limited to,

● Solar heat reduction

Your vehicle’s solar heat can be reduced as much as 45% to 50% with IR ceramic film. Customers who have their windshields tinted see this as one of the most important selling aspects. You may stay cool in your automobile without using your air conditioner at full power by deflecting up to 50 percent of the sun’s solar (infrared) energy. In the summer, having less heat coming into your automobile reduces the stress on all of your car’s components. And you’ll save money, too, thanks to the improved fuel efficiency.

● Reduction of glare

When it comes to reducing glare, IR ceramic film is head and shoulders above the competition. IR ceramic is the ideal window tint for your windshield since it decreases glare while remaining almost clear. This type of coating reduces glare by 13%, which is considerable, especially when driving home from work on highways that face directly into the sun.

● UVA/UVB protection

In addition, the IR ceramic film shields your car from up to 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. For both you and your passengers, this is a huge benefit because skin cancer is directly related to exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light. Also, the dashboard and upholstery in your car are protected from fading thanks to the anti-fade coating. Isn’t it what we all desire for our automobiles, both inside and out?

● There will be no interference from electronic devices

IR ceramic film is both non-conductive and non-metallic when compared to metallic films. Because of this, it won’t get in the way of your mobile phone or GPS system. It is a need.

Reduces the Risk of Glass Breakage by a large margin. To protect your windshield from shattering, you can use ceramic coating. When someone tries to break into a car, this adds an extra layer of security, and it also decreases the risk of glass fragments flying into the vehicle.

80 percent VLT provides all of the above advantages in a very clear window film. Our customers are increasingly using IR ceramic film for their windshields because of this.

Having a tinted windshield is a disadvantage.

There is only one main downside to windshield tinting. However, this only applies to the darker shades and not the nearly transparent ones.

Because of the dark colors, it’s difficult to see well inside as well as outdoors.

Pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users are also impeded by the obstruction. They are unable to maintain eye contact with one another. It’s impossible for them to tell whether the other has spotted them because of this. It is much worse when even police officers are unable to see inside the vehicle because of dark tinting. They can’t tell how the driver will react, therefore they’re working blindly when they stop a driver for a traffic infraction or some other infraction.

A Few Final Words

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Keep in mind that the window tint film we offer may not be legal for your windshield in your region or state. If this is the case, it’s a wise investment for your vehicle. The reduction in heat, glare, and UV rays that the IR ceramic window tint for your windshield provides can significantly enhance your driving experience.