Things you need to know if you are planning Maui vacation

Maui Island is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is also one of the most popular beach vacations destinations among tourists. With its amazing diving and snorkeling adventures, beautiful jungle, many high-end beaches, access to Lanai and even a 10,000-foot volcano. Maui can certainly catch the eye of many different tourist tastes because of the variety of activities it offers.

But before you go to Maui, you will need to thoroughly plan your trip if you want to experience the vacation to the fullest. We have made a quick guide of tips and tricks for visiting Maui Island.

Choose your dates carefully

You will need to decide what time of the year will work best with your friends or family and your work. Which month you are visiting will also affect your budget since Maui has off seasons which usually last from March to May and September to November. At these times you will probably get cheaper rooms and plane tickets, but keep in mind there will be fewer people and attractions.

Rent a car

While Maui may seem like a small island, it definitely won’t feel like it if you are walking through the island on foot. Transportation is a must since taxis may be too rare and the bus schedules may be very inconsistent. That is why you should definitely plan on where you are going to rent a car. If you need help in choosing which rent a car service is best for you, we recommend you check out

Decide where to stay

Maui has a wide variety of unique towns you can choose to stay in.

West Maui

This side of Maui is filled with great shopping centers and a lot of amazing restaurants. There are also big golf courses (this depends on which town you choose) with big resorts. There’s also more quiet areas with nice beaches.

South Maui

This is the side of Maui where you will have sun all the time. The desert side with one of the best beaches and restaurants on the island while offering a lot of fun activities. But have in mind that while this part of Maui is probably the prettiest one and richest in terms of hotels, restaurants, and activities, it is probably the most expensive one.

East Maui

This part of Maui is the nature-rich side. Big rainforests that hang over the coastline of lava rocks, quiet people and empty beaches. There are not many choices where you can stay, but this place has its own beauty. If you are looking to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and do some exploring instead of just relaxing on the beach, then East Maui is definitely for you.

Upcountry Maui

Not a lot of tourists or visitors choose to stay here, but if you are coming from a much colder climate, then we recommend you choose to stay here. These upcountry villages are at a higher altitude and obviously will not have any beaches, but you will have a beautiful view of them. If you get a rental, you won’t have any problems going down to the beaches in just a short time.

Maui Island is a great place for a wonderful vacation, but as like in any other case, you will need to plan ahead to get the best experience out of it. Make sure you follow our guide of things you need to know and consider before planning on going to Maui.