Things You Need In Your Garage

Sure, we would all love to have a 1,000 piece tool chest, a hoist, a paint booth, CNC machines or even a fabrication shop in our garage. Unfortunately, a lot of us have to get by with more affordable and modest garage set-ups. Also, a lot of us just want to maintain our car, not try to build it from the ground up.

With this in mind, we have made a list of the must-have things you need in your garage.



No matter what type of car you have, or what you are going to do to it, you will eventually need to jack it up to work from underneath it. Whether you are getting the car off the ground to do some maintenance or change a wheel, you will need a high-lift, good jack that is rated for the weight of your car. Also, make sure that you never get under a car that is supported only by the jack, always support your car on jack stands. Higher-rated jacks are great for safely holding the vehicle high enough off the ground – making it much easier to work from underneath. Some jacks can even get a lift up to 14 inches.

Power Tools


Having to drill holes in some things, is as guaranteed as taxes. Which is why every garage should at least have one power drill with a drill bit set in 1/8th increments and a ½-inch chuck. Power tools can save time and do things that your hands cannot do. Other handy tools you should have are; the impact driver, a rotary multi-tool, reciprocating saw, and the very important angle grinder. These days cordless is probably the best way to go since they offer a lot of power, very portable and you can get into those hard-to-reach corners that corded tools cannot.

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Blow debris out of your garage. Pump up your tires. Whatever it is, you will need a good and basic compressor in your garage. A good air compressor goes beyond just inflating your tires, it will allow you to dry and clean parts of your vehicle you wouldn’t usually be able to get to. It will also allow you to run spray painting equipment and other air tools. If you plan to do things like running power tools or spraying paint, make sure you go for a big enough compressor, because these types of tools need a lot of air.

Work Bench


A workbench is probably the most important part of any garage, you simply cannot work on anything without one. Having a stable and firm pale to work on stuff Is a must – from both a safety and an ease standpoint. A lot of people that do their car maintenance like to make their own workbench, however, there are a lot of great options you can find on the market.



Working on your vehicle is hard enough, and not having enough lighting in your garage can make your work much harder. Make sure you have a well-lit garage with a lot of clean and diffused light, coming from several sources.