The World’s First Hybrid Lamborghini

A famous company from Italy, Lamborghini, recently revealed that they will release their first-ever hybrid car called Sián. However, that doesn’t matter that this is a Prius. Well, it is exactly the opposite, far from it. This vehicle features a V12 engine with 785 horsepower. Also, it reached 62mph in only 2.8 seconds thanks to 34 additional horsepower electric motor. V12 is a motor that we are going to see in all of the future products of this famous Italian company.

Plus, its top speed is a force to be reckoned with, with its 350 km/h or 217mph. Moreover, Lamborghini company claims that the weight-to-power ratio in their first hybrid vehicle is the lowest one in Lamborghini vehicles with V12 engine ever. This vehicle was made as an answer for Porsche’s upcoming release of Taycan. What makes this vehicle standing out from the crowd is its supercapacitors. The famous brand claims that their vehicle is the first-ever application of supercapacitor for hybridization and additional, new materials to technology.

According to them, this new technology is three times more powerful than lithium-ion batteries that can be found in average electric cars. This means that Sián can be completely recharged its motor whenever you hit the brakes. However, this is not something that you should too often when driving your new Lamborghini at a track. What’s important to know about this car is that their cost is $3.6 million. But they are a limited series, only 63 of them are going to be made. Ready for one more surprise? All of them are already sold.