The Unvarnished Truth: We’re Relying On Technology To Compensate For Our Lack Of Driving Skills

With the rate at which car companies are able to push out new cars and new technologies, you might think that it’s a time to be happy, especially when a lot of those technologies are geared towards creating a safer driving experience. These days, we have technologies like steering assist systems, anti-lock brake systems, and adaptive cruising systems. We may even have self-driving cars, later on, thanks to the efforts of companies like Waymo and Tesla.

Because 90% of car accidents are caused by human error, it would only make perfect sense to focus efforts towards eliminating human error in order to minimize and even completely eliminate the risk of getting into a car accident. And to that effect, there has been a rise in the development of safe driving technology. And while these developments are undeniably useful, there lies a danger that car manufacturers seem to have overlooked. They did their job too well and as a result, we end up betting our lives — and that of our passengers — on those technologies.

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The Problem with Good Technology

Even when we own a car that comes equipped with all the latest advancements in technology, we cannot overlook the fact that there will always be a chance that technology will fail. A good example of this is when the sensor array on a car fails to detect the car in front of it while an adaptive cruise control system is active. You could easily find yourself in an accident if the technology you solely rely on fails. The worst instance of this is an accident that happened in Arizona, Texas, which was the first recorded fatal accident involving a self-driving car.

Any lack of information will cause the technology to fail because most, if not all, pieces of technology function on the information they receive. This information is even more critical when technology makes real-time adjustments. Any break in the reception of information is bound to hinder the technology from making real-time adjustments. As we all know, a lack of control, even momentarily, is bound to cause accidents, which is also the same way that distracted driving causes accidents, according to

So, Should We Discard The Safety Tech?

No. That would be a waste. We need to keep in mind that technology should never completely replace human skills. Technology is merely meant to enhance the way we perform. It is meant to assist us with our tasks and to help minimize the risk of error. So, what’s the best course of action to take?

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Even though modern cars come equipped with some of the best and smartest safety features we’ve ever had, we should never neglect the importance of driving skills. Because when technology fails, it’s up to us to make quick decisions in order to avoid accidents. 

We shouldn’t demonize technology, nor should we praise it. It should be treated as a tool to a greater means. And like any tool, its effectiveness will always depend on the skill of its wielder. 

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