The Trend of Using Electric Vehicles

The year 2020 has arrived and we have progressed so much in the field of science and technology. Many people also claim that we are very much advanced as compared to our ancestors. Scientists and researchers are working very hard to invent new things that could be beneficial to our society. Some of the developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are working hard to invent new technology ideas that can save our resources and are also better for the environment.

You might have heard about the trend of new electric vehicles in the market. From the cars to electric scooters everything is available in the market. Although they are a bit expensive as compared to the normal vehicles but their cost can be reduced in the long term. Hybrid cars like Toyota Prius is now easily available in the market that can run on both fuel and battery. It can achieve a decent speed of up to 60 km per hour on the battery.

Similarly, if you want to increase the speed, its engine will start consuming fuel like petrol. It is one of the best examples of hybrid cars that are considered as the biggest invention of the century by many of the automobile experts. If you want to learn more about the scooters, just visit as they have published about the electric scooters in much detail.

What are the electric Scooters?

The two wheels vehicle that is operated by the battery instead of any other fuel is known as an electric scooter. In Europe, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom these scooters are used frequently by the people. Their travel and maintenance costs are low as their small engine is operated by the battery instead of fuel. Although you have to change its battery after some months depending on many factors like its usages, still this vehicle is preferred by the students and the people who want to travel within short distances. You can still say that they are the most popular source to get around for travel. Many cities are crowded by them and their usage is increasing day by day.

Along with the scooters, electric bikes are preferred by the people for short distances. They are also preferred by the students, parents and people who run small businesses. They are environment-friendly, have no fuel cost and low maintenance charges.

Need of License:

There are many states of the world in which the use of electric scooters is not allowed due to several reasons. While in some other states you might need a license to drive them. They are marked dangerous in some countries. So, you might need a license and should also know about all the safety precautions before using them. The use of a helmet, driving in your own lane, avoiding the Overspeed are the topmost factors that can make them secure. They are also secure if you want to use them for the purpose of commuting. But they are not recommended if you are planning to travel on long distances.

Travel to some distance from home to office and vice vera that is done regularly is called commuting. Suppose that your office is a short distance from your home e.g. 4-5 kilometers and you don’t want to take any public transport for that purpose than the best option is the use of your own vehicles. For that purpose, the companies have designed special transport vehicles known as the scooters for commuting.

Electric vs Kick Scooters – What to choose?

So, these are the two famous categories of the scooters that are used by the people. You can choose a kick or an electric scooter for commuting purposes. Usually, the electric one is four to five-time faster than the kick. There are pros and cons of everything. So, these two have also their own pros and cons.

Electric Scooter


  • Can achieve the speed up to 30 km/h
  • It can be used for traveling for small to medium distance
  • There is no hassle of using fuel, as they are operated by electric batteries.
  • Saves you time as compared to the manual option.
  • These are available in many styles, shapes. So, you can choose anyone as per your requirements.
  • They also work fine for commuting


  • They are dangerous and banned in many states
  • You need to replace the batteries after some months and they are costly

Kick Scooter


  • They are recommended for commuting
  • It can be used by people of all ages including kids and adults. Similarly, men and women can use them irrespective of their gender differences.
  • They are economical in price and their maintenance cost is also low as compared to the electric ones.
  • No hassle of parking and can be used in the confined spaces


  • They are dangerous too.
  • For some people, they waste their time due to the slow speed.

So, we have discussed in detail about both. Different people have different circumstances. You are the only person that can choose the perfect product for your needs. But before buying them just keep in mind about these pros and cons. Don’t worry if you are thinking that where to buy them for you. There are several reputed online stores including Amazon and eBay where these products are available.

There are many products available in the market that have been designed according to different specifications. Before selecting a product, just make sure to have a little research about the company that is manufacturing the scooters. Try to select a company that has a good repute and is loved by the people.

Also, after shortlisting your product, make sure to read its genuine reviews on the various forums and online stores too. People who are using the electric or kick scooters should share their genuine reviews on the related websites to help the community. I know that choosing the right scooter for your needs is not an easy task. But you can make this process easy by following all these best tips mentioned above.