The Top 10 Ordinary Vehicles from Formula 1’s Drivers

The drivers of the most popular racing competition in the world, Formula 1 are known for being able to drive at some amazing speeds on the track. Still, when they get off the racing lines that drivers also have to get into ordinary vehicles and drive like all other people.

However, exactly because they are Formula 1’s drivers, it is natural that we can expect from them to have some special rides, and here we are going to show you the vehicles of some of the best Formula One drivers.

Jolyon Palmer – Renault Megane

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The first one on this list is a big surprise because no one would expect a professional racing driver to have such an ordinary car in private life. Palmer’s everyday ride is the Renault Megane, a simple city vehicle with not so much power.

Also, considering that his father is Dr. Jonathan Palmer, the owner of several circuits in the United Kingdom, his choice is even a bigger surprise. Nonetheless, his choice can only mean that he is a calm driver out of the circuit.

Daniel Ricciardo Р Aston Martin

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This is already a more interesting choice than the previous one. One of the most famous faces in F1 history, Daniel Ricciardo, got his Aston Martin from a franchise in Beverly Hills to serve him during his stay in the United States.

Aston Martin is one of the most popular sports vehicles on the market and for a professional racing driver, this looks like a typical selection. Also, Daniel is not the owner of this car, but we doubt that he wasn`t satisfied with his ride.

Max Verstappen – Renault Clio

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Max Verstappen shares the same philosophy as Jolyon Palmer. He also doesn`t feel the need for some luxury vehicles in private life. Instead, his choice is a small and economic car, Renault Clio. The most interesting fact about Verstappen is that he started his career before even getting a regular driving license.

The Renault Clio is the first vehicle that he bought to learn to drive. Besides this vehicle, he also bought the Porsche 911 GT3, which is something that a racing pro would drive. The price of that unique Porsche is 400,000 dollars.

Lando Norris – McLaren 570S Spider

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The McLaren 570S Spider represents a unique and attractive sports vehicle, something that we would expect from people like Lando Norris. It is interesting that he got his drive as a gift for passing a driving test. Lando started his career very young, and he is already the F1 star.

With an attractive vehicle like this one, with a bright orange color and amazing design, he is also recognizable outside of the racing track. Still, this is something completely natural for a pro driver as young Lando.

Lewis Hamilton – Pagani Zonda 760LH

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Lewis Hamilton is one of the most popular Formula 1`s drivers ever, and most of the people who even don`t follow Formula 1 races probably heard of him. He is known as someone who likes to collect all sort of sports vehicles, and this one from Pagani is his latest gem.

The most interesting part about this vehicle is that it represents the unique version just for Lewis Hamilton with his name on it. The power of this car is amazing, it has 760 horsepower, with the acceleration of only three seconds for 100 kilometers per hour.

Charles Leclerc – Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

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When you are an F1 star, it is normal that gifts will be extraordinary. And in this case, Charles Leclerc was gifted with a super sports vehicle, the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider. Driving this around the town will make people turn their heads for sure.

The 488 Spider is a real monster when it comes to power, acceleration, and agility. Lecrelc is surely very much satisfied with his gift, he is behind the wheels of Ferrari both on the circuit, and while driving outside of it.

Lewis Hamilton – 427 Cobra

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We have to mention Lewis Hamilton again this list because, as we already said, he is the owner of a pretty amazing collection of sports cars. In this case, the vehicle is a classic muscle car from the 60s, the Cobra 427.

This version of Cobra is from 1966 and represents a real collector piece because Lewis managed to keep all of the original parts on it. He is driving this vehicle during his time in Los Angeles, where he often goes for a vacation.

Nico Rosberg – Mercedes

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Nico Rosberg is another familiar name in F1 history. He is most known for his surprising end of career after winning his first championship in 2016. Maybe the reason was to enjoy his vehicles at home, mostly Mercedes, which he has several in his garage.

The collection of his Mercedes vehicles is amazing, he owns an SLS AMG, G63 AMG, Mercedes GLE, and the most interesting one, the 280 SL form 1970. It would be a great experience for anyone to get a tour through his garage.

Jenson Button – McLaren 675LT Spider

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While his career was still active, Jenson Button was one of the most popular F1 drivers in the world and had a lot of fans especially in the United Kingdom. Also, he got his need for speed out of the circuit on the streets, with the McLaren 675LT Spider.

This vehicle represents a piece of art in the car industry with both design and amazing performances. The engine of 675LT Spider is a V8 with the 675 horsepower. Also, this one is a special version, especially for Button.

Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari California T

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Sebastian Vettel is another ultra-popular racing driver, also knows as a big collector of sports vehicles. One of the most amazing cars in his collection is the Ferrari California T, from 2014. The cost of this attractive vehicle was around 230,000 dollars.

Still, that wasn`t much for Vettel who managed to earn almost 50 million dollars in his career. The California T has a V8 engine and it represents an extremely powerful ride. Something that everyone would expect from a former F1 star.