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The Best Winter Tires for Snow Driving

Driving during the winter season can be a very tricky affair. The icy and snowy roads make it hard for your car to stay on the road; you can easily veer off and cause an accident. To prevent this, you need a good set of tires that can handle the slippery streets.

But just like snowflakes, different tire brands come with unique qualities! Some are just not cut out for snow driving. To help you choose the appropriate car tires for the winter season, below are some of the best winter tires for snow driving.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

One of the most important metrics you can use when searching for winter tires is the performance when braking. This is where the Blizzak WS80 shines the most, and probably the one thing that makes it such a great choice.

The great braking is thanks to a combination of lateral and circumferential grooves that are made to steer snow, water, and slush away from the area of contact. 3D zigzag sipes on the tires help to enhance traction and this is reinforced by the integration of a next-generation compound with a hydrophilic coating, as well as microscopic bite particles.

The Blizzaks might be a little bit costly, but they are well worth the money and that’s why they feature in our best tire review on

Dunlop Winter Maxx WMo2

The WM02s are Dunlop’s 2nd generation Winter Maxx tires. Just like their predecessor the WM01, this set employs an asymmetrical tread pattern, which allows it to run quietly. This also enhances traction against the slipper ground and allows them to perform well during breaking.

What you’ll like about these tires is that they are a little bit cost-friendly when compared to its peers in the market. So, this makes the Maxx WMo2s a great option for those who don’t want to stretch their budget!

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3

The Nokian brand has set the pace for winter tire manufacturers since 1932. Arguably, this is the brand that brought us the winter tire idea, so you can expect high-quality workmanship from their products. The Hakkapeliitta R3 is one of Nokian’s top-range winter tires.

This uses an aggressive tread pattern paired with a silica compound to bolster the grip in deep snow and ice. The result is an improved braking performance that helps you to stay within the course when the roads are too slippery for your driving comfort.

Michellin X-ice

The X-ice tire from Michellin was designed to tackle depths of snow and ice during winter. It is the brand’s third-generation iteration and will be a great fit for the family van, sedans, and even small crossovers. The X-ice features a low-rolling-resistance build that helps to enhance your fuel economy.

The tread on the tires utilize a silica-based compound, as well as intermediate tread blocks with micro-pumps and cross Z-sipes to improve traction in slippery conditions. This should make for a more stable braking performance when driving at high speeds. Furthermore, a special wear indicator is included on the tire to tell you the level of traction you can expect from your tires.

The only problem is that the X-ice tires are expensive and you might be forced to dig deeper into your pockets. On the bright side, you get a 6-year tread life warranty to go with a 1-year uniformity warranty. Not to mention a 1month satisfaction warranty.

Continental VikingContact 7

This new tire offering from Continental promises to be your best companion when you need to drive under the conditions. It is designed with a specialized rubber compound featuring canola oil; a combination that helps to enhance the tire’s flexibility in extremely cold situations.

The tread pattern consists of numerous biting edges and sipes for the ultimate grip in snowy conditions. Finally, the tires are manufactured using an environmentally friendly process so you can fight the snow without harming Mother Nature.

Final Thought

With the winter season approaching, you want to make sure that you’ll be safe on the roads whenever you’re driving. This is something you can do by getting snow-worthy tires for your car like the ones we’ve discussed above!

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