The Best 10 Roads for Car Lovers

For most of the car enthusiast, it is not easy to feel the full potential of their rides because access to a race track is for a rare people, and ordinary roads don`t allow higher speeds. So, the only chance for some faster driving is to find some highway or an open road where you are allowed to push the pedal a little more.

Also, for a real car fanatic, it is not all about the speed, but about what that road might represent. There are some legendary streets for a car history, and every car lover should experience the feel of driving through those roads.

10. Death Valley

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The road shares the name with the desert through which it passes in Eastern California. The most significant feature of this road is that it is mostly straight, with rare curves through its 115 kilometers. According to that, this road is the perfect place to test your car’s speed. Also, many producers of sports cars, like McLaren, Pagani, or Bugatti, are testing the speed and performances of their vehicles here in Death Valley.

9. Great Ocean Road

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The Great Ocean Road is in Australia, near the Pacific Ocean. This road represents one of the most beautiful roads in the world because, through its all way, you can enjoy the view of the ocean. The Great Ocean Road is also an attraction for bikers, cycling, and even marathons.

8. Amalfi Coast

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The Amalfi Coast offers you amazing landscapes, the combination of mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. This road became popular mostly because of the video game Forza Horizon. The road is unsafe, so you shouldn`t drive fast, you should instead drive safely and enjoy the view.

7. The A93

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The A93 in Scotland looks like an ordinary road at first sight, but this two-lane path represents much more. This road is popular because of the TV show Top Gear, where the hosts of this show tested many vehicles on this path.  The advantages of the A93 are less traffic and many corners so you can test the performances of the car in the best way.

6. The Stelvio Pass

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The Stelvio Pass is one of the most amazing roads in Europe, mostly because of the heavy corners. Many owners of some luxury cars like Lamborghini love this road because it is a real adventure to drive through this path. Also, Italy is famous as the country with the highest-quality roads in the world.

5. Pikes Peak

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Pikes Peak in Colorado is the pathway in the mountains with a lot of curves and angles. Driving through this road is a real adventure, but it is recommended only for experienced drivers. Also, there is an event with the name International Hill Climb. During this event, drivers are running through time trial events, with the constant danger of slipping off the edge. A lot of racing video games have this track included.

4. U.S. Route 550

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A popular name for this road is The Million Dollar Highway. A lot of attractions and a spectacular view are the reason for this name. Route 550 is a pathway that is almost 500 kilometers long, which is another reason for car lovers to test it. On this road, you can choose if you just want to enjoy the view and take pictures on breaks, or you can attend some drag racing events that are common here.

3. Mt. Fuji Touge

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The first association for many people when they see this road is drifting, and the movie Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift. The Mt. Fuji is always full of drivers who are trying to improve their drifting skills and car handle. Also, this road is one of the heaviest, so it is recommended only for skilled drivers to get through.

2. Monaco

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Monaco is the place where you should drive slowly and enjoy the beauty of this European gem. The roads of Monaco are popular because of Formula 1.  There are 21 races every year in this city, and Monaco is a host for Formula races for almost a hundred years.

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

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Many people say that the Blue Ridge Parkway is the best road in western North America. The road is around 800 kilometers long and offers great landscapes. Many tourists are here just for driving through this amazing highway, which is a combination of straight tracks and wide curves all the way.

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