Summit Kanati Mud Hog M/T Review

Summit Kanati Mud Hog tire has been recognized as a strong competitor in the world of mud-terrain tires over the recent years. Kanati tires is a relatively new name, although it has been in the market for over four decades now. The brand stems from Greenball tires, and specializes in producing off-road tires. Hence, it is not surprising that their mud hog tire is built to deal with the challenges that come when driving off the beaten path. Not only is it a pleasant addition in the world of light truck and SUV tires but also  is certainly coming for the giants with a surprisingly low price.


The performance of this mud tire has turned many heads. Whether it is due to the fact that it is not a well-known brand, or the presence of very strong competitors like Cooper, this tire took some time to become the topic of discussion. It lives up to the manufacturer’s claims as far as off-road driving is considered. It performs equally well in conditions ranging from mud to snow and rain. Surprising, right? 

 The performance of this tire on mud is impeccable, with maximum traction provided by its massive tread lugs and aggressive tread pattern. These allow the tire to dig into the mud, no matter how deep it is, without getting clogged. It gets rid of the debris efficiently and allows the vehicle to maneuver easily through the toughest of terrains. The same, however, is not true for snow as well. Interestingly, this tire has sipes in its tread which is an unusual feature for a mud tire, and very handy when driving in snow. Thus, it can be safely said that this tire excels in off-road conditions.


Most of us would agree that the one property that can absolutely not be compromised, under any circumstances, is safety. This has been acknowledged by Kanati, as can be seen by the tough and robust construction of this mud hog tire. Its sturdy rubber compound has the ability to effectively resist assault by sharp stones, rocks and gruels that are inevitable during off-road driving. Even more noticeable is the tough sidewall of this tire. The deep and aggressive tread blocks hold the soft ground firmly, and minimize the chances of slipping or getting stuck in mud. The result of these features is a safe and uncompromised grip, and finally, a reliable ride.

Quality and Tread life:

The quality of this mud hog tire has undoubtedly been a selling point. The material used in its manufacturing is of top notch quality, which one might not expect at this price point. From tread compound to sidewall rubber, the material has been chosen for its strength and durability. Consequently, this tire is fully capable of withstanding any damage that might be caused by harsh off-road conditions. The great quality coupled with deep treads mean that the tread life is significantly longer than its other counterparts. Reminder: long tread life is a rare feature for a mud tire! Kanati also offers a 4-years standard limited warranty for this tire.

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The handling of this mud hog tire has been an area of concern. While the quality and manufacturing of it is doubtlessly supreme, its shape is slightly ambiguous. It might be too oval in one dimension for certain vehicles, which can cause difficulty in mounting and in some cases, in driving as well. Poorly mounted tires mean compromised control and handling. Well, with every problem comes a solution! And this problem can be tackled by seeking the help of an expert. Once the tire is mounted and balanced perfectly by an expert, you are good to go!


In terms of comfort and user-friendliness, this Summit Kanati tire is a champion. Its tread has voids that are responsible for preventing any foreign object from getting stuck into the tire. The result is a smooth ride without any bumps in even the roughest of terrains. The same is true for mud as well, and the vehicle can get through it smoothly and easily. Cherry on top is the absence of noise which, again, is a very rare quality for a mud tire. Although there is some humming on highways, it is far too less to cause any major discomfort.


While there is a plethora of attractive qualities that this mud hog tire possesses, the one with the most impact is its price. This tire offers similar performance, comfort and safety as other leading brands but at almost half the cost. The retail price of this tire begins at approximately $197and goes up from there according to the size, which is pleasantly surprising.

Available Sizes:

The size range of this tire is quite vast, with a total of 25 different sizes available at present. These are meant to cover the maximum number of light pickups, trucks and SUVs. The rim sizes that are currently offered for this tire range from 16 inches to 22 inches.

All in all, this Summit Kanati Mud Hog tire is a definite must-try!

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