Summer Motorcycle Riding Gear Buyer’s Guide

Temperatures tend to go over the roof during summer and as riders, we tend to forego certain safety measures during riding. It is quite unbearable having to put on very heavy outfits while riding as it makes one uncomfortable during such weathers. With safety in mind, you should get quality motorcycle riding gear for hot weather to help you have a smooth ride even under such extreme temperatures. With the hot temperatures fast approaching, you do not want to have a not so good experience riding. Do not be left out! Check out our guide for the right motorcycle gear to own during summer.

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Why get summer motorcycle riding gear?

Different seasons have different impacts on the weather and essentially our bodies. One might be tempted to ride on a t-shirt to feel the breeze but that should not be the case for you. That stunt is not only unhealthy but also very risky. Riders need to retain the sweat on their bodies to feel much cooler.

Our bodies tend to become cooler and stay more hydrated when you put on the right jacket when riding. A jacket with a removable liner could take you through all seasons altogether but with advances made, there are much better options which can keep you riding ebulliently. Check Out these top 5 jackets recommended by Rev Corner.

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During summer, every rider requires vented protective gear to help the cooling abilities of their bodies to be at their best. By doing so, you remain hydrated for longer, keeping your concentration at its peak, and most importantly, you still have protective gear on you at all times.

Picking the right gear

Just because it is summer does not mean you should get every riding gear there is. One major factor to consider is how you plan to be riding your bike. Different summer bike gears are used for different purposes. An adventure seeking rider, who prefers to go scratching through hills requires perforated leather attires, preferably heavier than other models.

Fully-vented fabrics are best for the speed hunters and for those riding for longer. Moreover, if you will be caught up in traffic most of the times and your ride is just within your area of residence, you need something light – Kevlar jeans would be just perfect for you.

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All these materials may be different but they all work towards the same role; to ensure the rider is safe and comfortable. There are a number of other factors to consider including color. Buying an all-black gear when the weather is hot would just turn out to be a nightmare. Black materials absorb heat as compared to lighter materials.

Best summer motorcycle riding gear

Even during the hot temperatures, riders need to look cool while keeping their bodies cool. Here are a few accessories you can find at our favorite online shop American Legend Rider, to comfortably get you through the scorching heat;

Vented Helmets

A full-face motorcycle helmet is recommended for safety reasons. Ventilation capacities of different helmets make all the difference. During summer, a rider should get a motorcycle helmet that has improved venting systems. More airflow keeps you feeling cooler even with the heat turned up. To inform yourself more visit

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On the flipside, while keeping your body cooler is the ultimate goal for this period’s riding gear, you should consider any other possible risks it might come with. Vented helmets usually have some noise associated with the extra air flow. This noise can eventually damage your ears hence the need for earplugs.

Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Leather jackets are awesome during winter as they not only keep you safe but also keep you warm throughout. Leather jackets during summer are an absolute mistake. That is one blunder you ought to avoid. Instead, get vented motorcycle jackets with a cooling mesh to keep the air flowing, keeping your body cooler. Should you not wish to forego leather completely, you can opt for one that has leather but is vented.

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Mesh and Vented Gloves

Mesh and vented gloves allow air to get to your hands to not only make you feel cooler but also ensure your safety. The hot temperatures make your hands sweaty which make your ride not anywhere close to fun. Furthermore, sweaty hands can make you lose a firm grip of your bike hence causing avoidable accidents.

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Motorcycle Pants

Many riders avoid motorcycle pants during the hot seasons just so that they can avoid the impacts of the scorching sun. Vented and breathable pants, specifically made for riders are available to be used by motorcyclists during this time. They allow enough air to flow in making you get a more comfortable feeling.

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Motorcycle Boots

The fact that feet naturally sweat under certain temperatures sucks. It is even worse if you are riding a motorcycle with sweaty feet as you will have the longest ride of your life. To be on the safe side, search for boots with enough ventilation capacities. Socks are not to be left behind also. Choose the ones that are well-ventilated.

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If you want to learn even more about summer gear and what to wear while riding your bike in hot summer days, click here.