Top 5 Small Trucks In United States (2018)

Trucks owe they popularity to being useful. Small pickups are being called “a new breed of family cars.” If you look at the list of best selling vehicles in the United States, top three spots belong to full-size models.

But many buyers don’t need all that size, nor towing capacity. They are often expensive and don’t have good fuel economy. This is the reason why people shift their attention towards small trucks. These vehicles come at a lower price, they are smaller in size but are still very useful. Smaller models are easier to maneuver and park, but at the same time they can pull the weight or tow a trailer.

The market is slowly but safely trending towards small truck which can be seen through new models that are flooding it. The latest vehicle that came to the US market is Honda Ridgeline which was reintroduced in 2017. On the other hand, a small pickup with the longest tenure without a significant makeover in the States is Nissan Frontier. Here is a list of best small trucks on the North American market.

5. Nissan Frontier

The Nissan’s truck mentioned above is at the bottom of this list. This model is long overdue on the redesign, but this doesn’t interest the Japanese manufacturer. The last major overhaul of this particular pickup happened 12 years ago. All of the competitors have had some sort of changes in the previous three years.

But, regardless of this Nissan Frontier gives its competitors run for its money. Despite lacking looks, it offers reliable V-6 engine and solid off-road ability. It also comes at a fair price which separates it from the rivals. The base version of Frontier has MSRP of $18,390. This is King cab model that comes with RWD and six-speed manual transmission. When it comes to the cabin, it is somewhat outdated, but its interior is in line with starting price.