Small Travel Trailers – An Excellent Solution for Young Couples

Dinner dates and movies are overrated! If you want to keep things interesting and keep your relationship above water, camping expeditions are the way to go!

If you are on board with the idea, you will also have to make some investments in the form of camping RVs. There is just something about going on a weekend trip with a small travel trailer hooked to the back of your car.

Besides, it is a more appropriate way of expressing your love for your significant other. Normal outdoor camping with tents is, well, old-fashioned and rather unimaginative! They offer very little versatility and almost negligible flexibility, especially for long trips.


On the other hand, small travel trailers offer a broad spectrum of benefits for young couples. Their snuggly size makes them a perfect choice for couples to share a warm and cozy space. Another advantage of a small camper is that you can drive with it even into hard-to-reach places, and you do not have to stop overnight in specially designated areas. With a small camper, you can spend a romantic night on the shore of a forest lake, listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying the stars. However, if you fancy a bit more spacious room, you can also find ample of options there as well.

Websites like Zervs offer a huge catalog of small travel trailers. Here, you can find and buy your ideal RV without any shenanigans. You can choose between different size options, the number of features you require, and, most importantly, your ideal budget range.

And, yes, you can also put your old campers up for sale as well. So, whether you’re looking to add a small travel trailer to your driveway or get rid of one, Zervs is the place to be!

What to look for in a small travel trailer for couples


You can find quite a copious number of size options with small travel trailers. In fact, due to their great demand in the market, you will probably find more size options for small trailers than any other type of motorhomes.

On average, the size of a standard small travel trailer can range from as low as 12” to as high as up to 25”. The choice of trailer size will obviously depend on your personal preference. But, if you want an optimal couple-Esque experience, we suggest you for a trailer size between 16” to 20.”

You also have to remember that the size of the trailer will also affect the number of its in-house features. After all, there is only so much that manufacturers can squeeze into a 12″ camping pod.

However, smaller-size trailers offer optimal convenience, especially for driving it around. You can easily maneuver them around and, most importantly, find parking spaces quickly.

You may also find some ultra-lightweight trailers whose overall size may be as low as 10.” However, such extra-compact trailers may be too constricted even for two persons.

So, in addition to just searching for a cozy travel trailer, you may want to consider the associated benefits and pitfalls that come with different size options.


Similar to the size of the trailer, its weight also plays a crucial role. Typically, you want to look for lightweight trailers that can be easily hooked to the back of your car. Small trailers are usually more preferred for young couples since they can be towed to any standard 4-cylinder cars.

Heavier trailers, on the other hand, may require bigger and larger 6-cylinder engine SUVs or pick-ups. So, unless you already have a full-size SUV sitting in your garage, you might have a problem getting your travel trailer out for a trip with your special other.

Normally, the unloaded weight of a small travel trailer for couples can vary anywhere from 3000lbs to 6000lbs. Within this weight option, you can easily tow it to the rear end of your regular 4-cylinder car.

The weight of the trailer also affects the mobility of your car, especially after you load it with all the camping necessities. Take into account that you may have to drive through mountain passes and also navigate some rather robust terrains. In such cases, the weight of your caravan can slow you down, or perhaps even bring your adventure to a complete halt.


Planning a camping trip with your significant other can be quite a fun experience. You want to pull out all the stops to make it feel special, and that all starts from your choice of the travel trailer. There are so many trailer options in the market that you may find it difficult to pick the right one.

While the final choice will ultimately depend on your personal preference, the one thing you do not want to do is picking the cheapest option. Sure, they may help you save some few extra bucks. But, you may also end up compromising a whole lot of important features.

Typically, a good small travel trailer for couples may cost between $15,000and $50,000. The final cost may depend on several factors like the number of features and its authentic condition (new or used).

Whatever the case, you can always find the right product at your most comfortable budget limit – you just have to look hard enough!



A feature-packed small travel trailer is a must if you want your couple getaway camping to be memorable. The trailer should be capable of at least accommodating 2-4 adults comfortably. This will help you spend quality time with each other without feeling too constricted.

You may also want to look for various utility features like a warm water heater, AC unit, good exterior storage space, outdoor shower spaces, infotainment system, slide doors, mini-fridge, stabilizer jacks, etc.

One most crucial factor to consider is the trailer’s build quality. Opt for a small camper that can cover you all year round. Typically, standard trailers are not suited for cold weather conditions. However, you can find some exceptional trailers with a high-end build quality that can withstand the nail-biting cold of the winter.

Camping in winter may sound very unlikely. But it does not hurt to take some extra measures and purchase an all-weather-proof small travel trailer.