Sleeping in Car Camping

Sleeping in Car Camping doesn’t have to be difficult especially when you choose the right air mattress that is comfortable, durable and lightweight. They should provide a better night sleep especially when you sleep outdoors. Gone are those days when air mattresses are expected to be hard and bouncy, new generation sleeping in car camping mattresses are expected to offer a variety of handy features such as self-inflatable, puncture-resistant, and memory foam layers for added comfort and durability.

The dimensions of a camping bed should be your first consideration when looking for an ideal product. You need to ensure that it fits perfectly into your tent. Ideally, you will like to save some space on the floor once the mattress has been fully inflated because you need much space to store your luggage and every other camping supplies. If you plan on eating inside your tent, you will surely want to leave some space for your food preparation.

In addition to the size of the camping mattress, you want to choose the right weight size, which is the maximum weight allowed. While some of these can be easily inflated manually, others will require some special inflating pumps.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sleeping in Car Camping Mattresses

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There are a number of factors you need to consider when choosing to sleep in car-camping mattresses, these include; The fabric, supporting structure, and type of pump.

The Supporting Structure

One of the most important added features you will admire in a car camping bed is the supporting structure. With the supporting structure, you can use your bed in different ways aside sleeping on it. The supporting structure of the mattress simply means the bed wouldn’t sink when you sit or lay on it. The supporting structure is also important because it prevents strains on the body of the user. Experts suggest that you should go for an outdoor camping mattress with supporting structure as high as 9” for maximum comfort and your health.

The Fabric of the Mattress

There is no doubt that the fabric of a camping outdoor mattress matters when it comes to making your final choices. According to Adventures Gears Lab, The outer layer of an ideal one should be made of soft fabric so that it can provide that extra comfortable feel against the skin. A softer outer layer fabric will also eliminate the need to pack some extra sheets on top of your mattress. In addition to a soft outer layer fabric, you should also consider a bed with non-slip fabric to prevent the mattress from sliding around in the tent.

The durability of the Camping Bed

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We all want everything we buy to last long because substandard outdoor mattresses will not only injure you, you will have to spend more to replace it later on. Those that are made from non-toxic PVC materials are generally more durable and last longer because they are extra thick and they don’t give off smells that can trigger allergies.

Method of inflation

The mode of inflating air car-camping bed is also important when making your final choice. Most air camp beds can either be inflated manually or electrically. For more convenience, it is ideal to go for beds that are inflated electrically because of their convenience. Some air camp mattresses can be operated with pumps that work with rechargeable batteries. This means you can always recharge the pump battery whenever you need them. Most rechargeable batteries for pumps should be fully recharged in a matter of a few hours and you can use the pump ready to inflate the mattress. With the manual pump, you may end up spending several hours puffing air into it to get it inflated.

Portability and Easy Storage

Since you are likely transporting the camping mattress with your car, you may not worry much about the portability and easy storage, bit for convenience sake, it pays to choose a camping bed that can be easily stored, especially after use. Whether it is King size, Queen size or Twin size, it must be easily stored inside a bag or any other customized storage container, alongside its accessories.


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Sleeping in Car Camping is fun especially when you enjoy traveling. Perhaps the price factor should be the last factor you should consider when making your final choice. Ridiculously cheap camping mattresses may not offer great value for your money; hence you should not be in a rush to go for them, this, however, does not mean that the most expensive mattresses are the best in the market. Convenience is the most important factor to consider here, hence you should go for a product that will not compromise your convenience and health. You don’t want to suffer constant backache from the use of a particular air camping mattress.

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