Secure Your Car and Loved Ones with KENT CamEye

Earlier, dash cams were rare things to see in India and were generally used by few upper-class elites. Due to a growing concern for family members, awareness and easy availability, dash cams have now become essential to use for on-road security purposes. People are ready to pay a good price for the dash cams and why not if it brings relief with the security of their loved ones.

Dash cams are basically the car cameras that capture and record the view for both inside and outside the car. These in-car cameras help to constantly monitor the car, by recording its entire activities and providing the data including driving behaviour. These car cameras are generally mounted on the front windshield or placed on the dashboard itself.


Many companies have come up with great designs and models and therefore, you can find a wide range of dash cams with a diverse price range. However, if security is the main purpose of buying a dash cam, then we have KENT CamEye as an excellent option. KENT CamEye is a dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker that ensures 100% security of cars and the safety of their passengers. It’s an innovative device with audio-video capabilities and records all the activities of inside and outside view of the car. Additionally, it has been facilitated with GPS for real-time location tracking of the car and play back the route travelled by it on a map. Using this device is quite easy as all its features are available for use through the KENT CamEye App.

Now, you must be thinking about how the simple features of a dash cam and GPS tracker can make KENT CamEye a security device worth the price? Let’s go through the features to get a clear picture and understand how KENT CamEye helps in ensuring the security of your car and the safety of your loved ones.

Live stream to get real-time updates: When you are not around and your car along with the keys, are with someone else, you will find it difficult to get any peace of mind. The mind remains suspicious and keeps aching to know if your hard-earned car is in safe hands or not. Moreover, ensuring the safety of your family members driven by the chauffeurs, especially, the little kids also remains a matter of constant worry.

For these situations, KENT CamEye can help you remain calm with its live streaming feature. You can see the real-time visuals of in-car activities using it. This live streaming feature is accompanied by 2-way calling that lets you talk to the driver or other car occupants without even using the mobile phone. It is only the admin who can initiate the call on the device through the app.

To know the in-out details of your car trips: Being occupied with work, it is not always possible to live track your car or loved ones on the drive. However, KENT CamEye has a solution to this as well. This dash-cam-cum-GPS tracker records the time-lapse video for both the outside and inside view and stores it on the secure Cloud storage for 90 days. These videos can be watched or downloaded later for use. Apart from the videos, the route travelled by car can also be played back to see where the car had been for the whole day. So, you will have information about your car even if you are not around it.


Alerts to deter the misuse of your car: A variety of alerts and notifications makes KENT CamEye the best security device, especially for a chauffeur-driven car. It’s a problem faced by most car owners – their chauffeurs use the car for their personal use. They drive rashly at an unacceptable speed and leave the engine idle for longer duration; they even lend the keys to their friends to drive.

The worst is that being the owner of a car, you remain unaware of these situations but thanks to KENT CamEye you can overcome this issue. It has been designed with artificial intelligence that senses the breach of any limit and immediately triggers an alert to the smartphone synced with the device. You can get an alert for over-speeding, unknown drivers, engine idling, AC on while parking and much more. These alerts are customizable and can be set according to your needs.

Restrict the movement of your car: Sometimes, the drivers take advantage of your absence from the car and drive unnecessarily to different places ferrying passengers and making extra money. You can put an end to such situations by putting a virtual fence around a location on the map. So, when your car crosses the fence, you receive an alert on your phone informing you about the breach. The necessary action can then be taken to stop the driver from turning your invaluable car into a public transport vehicle.

So, rather than paying a hefty amount for an ordinary dash cam, you can go with KENT CamEye offering all the above-mentioned features at a great price.