Safety Gear Every Mechanic Should Have

Chances for injury are present in any industry or business, although in some the chances might be higher than in others. One can easily get hurt while using hand tools, power tools, or machines, so safety in the workplace should be a priority.

Whether you are an employer, employee, or both, you should be aware of safety risks and familiar with necessary measures you should take to prevent them. Personal protection equipment is crucial for preventing injury and should be placed high on your priority list.

For auto repair and maintenance shops, the right safety gear should be chosen based on specific hazards and protection needs of the workplace. Still, there are some basic types of protection equipment every mechanic needs and should have.

  1. Eye protection

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Safety glasses are one of the most important safety gear to own. The eyes are one of the most fragile body parts and more than 600 hundred people around the world sustain eye injury in the workplace daily. With safety glasses, these injuries could easily be prevented. Use welding goggles or mask in cases when you are exposed to bright light.

  1. Protect your hearing

For simple, disposable hearing protection, earplugs are a great choice. They are comfortable, do not require cleaning, and are effective. However, if you are looking for maximum noise cancellation, ear muffs might be a better choice and are also more convenient since you can easily and quickly put them on and take them off.

  1. Protect your lungs

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To prevent inhaling harmful dust, chemical fumes, and other dangerous particles, face masks are a must. Dust masks are perfect for protection from fine dust and other harmful substances, but if you are looking for a higher level of safety, full-face masks would be a better choice since they tightly stick to your face providing extra protection to the nose and mouth.

  1. Protection for the feet

Work boots are a perfect solution for keeping your feet safe against weight. Antiskid soles are also useful since they lessen the chances of slipping or tripping. If working boots are too heavy and uncomfortable, you might opt for a lighter type of work shoe that meets safety demands, but is more comfortable to wear. Types like the Ninja Ultralight are as heavy on your feet as a pair of regular sneakers, but offer all the necessary protection in the workplace.  For more information about these types of shoes, you can click here.

  1. Protect your hands 

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Hands and fingers tend to sustain injuries often, so it is extremely important to protect them. They offer protection against heat, vibrations, cuts caused by sharp materials, and more.

  1. First-aid kit

Of course, prevention is better than a cure, but you should always be prepared for a worst-case scenario. Having a first-aid kit on-site is a smart thing to do and can be extremely helpful in cases of serious injuries and emergencies. Having all of the safety gear mentioned above does not take a lot of effort, but it essential for staying safe and protected in your working environment. Wearing it will not only help with preventing injuries but will also give you peace of mind, enabling you to work more efficiently and effectively.