6 Things To Know About RV Glass Repair

RVs are one of the most reliable means of transport that provides comfort, especially when traveling long distances. Many families are investing in this vehicle as a way to make memories on cross-country trips and vacations.

If you intend to enjoy the freedom of travelling with your motor home, it may be beneficial to know the basics of dealing with it and the repairs that may be needed. One vital part of feeling safe when vacationing with your loved one is knowing how to deal with a broken window.

RV windshields need to guarantee the safety of passengers and the integrity of the vehicle by meeting the federal motor vehicle safety standards, especially during a repair. And since you may experience an issue with your windshield at one point, here are things you may need to know about glass repair that’ll prepare you.

1. You May Need To Choose The Right Shop


As we’ve established before, a windshield is an important factor in ensuring safety, and getting the best repair service is vital in case of any effects. Getting repairs and replacements may require a credible and reliable professional who can easily access the situation.

When choosing a shop online, you can read more here and find which ones have great ratings and reviews. In addition, you may need to access their previous work, look at the materials used, and ensure it’s of top quality.

Once you’ve narrowed down your top choices, reach out to these shops and talk to the one in charge. Ensure that you explain what happened to the windshield, listen to suggestions, and consider them. You’re bound to find one that’s within your budget and has good reviews.

2. Repair May Be Quick And Efficient

Another importance of choosing the right repair shop and getting professionals is that you also get the job done fast. Unlike other windshields, RVs aren’t as complicated, making them easy to get repaired from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to mobile auto glass repairs, you can just get auto glass replacement done in thirty minutes anywhere you may be. This repair makes it easier for people who are always on the road and may encounter problems on the way.

3. Glass Repair Requires Trained Professionals


Because motor homes share similarities with other motor vehicles, most people assume that a handyperson can easily fix a broken windshield. However, RVs are categorized differently and require service from an RV specialist as the repairs are unique to them.

Getting an experienced RV specialist to repair your broken windshield is key as they are heavier and larger than standard ones. In addition, special tools and techniques that only an experienced RV technician can have access to are needed for the repair.

Although most people may be tempted to hire an automotive mechanic to repair a broken windshield, take the time to find a specialist. Another advantage of getting an expert is that most RVs have a higher windshield and may need tools to reach them.

4. Glass Damage Expands And Spreads

RV glass is quite different from most windshields, and a lot of observation is needed to ensure that it doesn’t have any cracks. These cracks may look like they may cause minimal damage, but they tend to spread fast and may compromise the entire piece.

Most experts suggest that repair will be needed once the damage is greater than a quarter, especially for cracks directly in the driver’s line of sight. The chip on the windshield may fail to remain static, leading to expansion.

When the crack expands, the integrity of glass starts to weaken, making it easy to shatter in case of an impact. Apart from that, cracks in the windshield may let in different elements, including dust and rain. As a result, you may need to be fast with your repairs and get the cracks from spreading by going to an expert immediately.

5. Insurance Coverage

Windshield repair costs can vary from as low as $0 to very high, depending on the damage done. If you have insurance, you may spend less to repair or replace the damage, making it stress-free and efficient. When taking out the insurance for your RV, consider going for one with additional glass coverage. If you have a small crack due to debris, it’ll fall under the ‘no faults claims.’

6. Glass Repair Quality Can Vary


Damaged RVs can be classified as repairable and unrepairable, with the price ranging differently depending on the quality. When choosing to get a repair, ensure that the shop you choose uses quality materials instead of second-grade ones that don’t last as much.

If it’s only slightly damaged, you may need easy repair that may not be very expensive and can be solved easily. However, if it’s a replacement, you may need to invest in a stronger and longer-lasting option to avoid worsening the situation at hand.

In addition, you can opt for protective treatments for the new glass repair that may prevent glass damage that normally creates a chip. Some protective treatments may work so that once stray stones hit the windshield, they slip off harmlessly.

By getting protective treatments, you’ll be ensuring that you can stay on the road more without stress about tiny elements leading to big damage. If possible, get insurance that may cover additional protective treatments that may be beneficial in the long run.

Bottom Line


An RV is a great investment that can benefit your family for a long time. When your RV glass is damaged, don’t panic. If you have never experienced a damaged RV before, you may be confused about the replacement process. To avoid further damage and higher costs, avoid resorting to do-it-yourself repair.

To ensure you get the best, begin by choosing the right shop with the required expertise in fixing an RV. The repair may be efficient and quick, as the damage may expand and spread quickly. It’s also essential to obtain insurance coverage for your RV. Remember that you shouldn’t overlook minor cracks and dents on your RV glass that may lead to further damage.